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Wanderland - free to play game   Fun and Games

Started Mar-3 by Honeyphan; 2674 views.

From: Playbelle


Thanks for the info Honeyphan.  I'm sure many players will appreciate that, especially during those gaps between MC events.

I haven't thought about Wanderland in ages.  Loved the look of that world, but as you say it became very hard to get the resources to level up as the game progressed.  The tournaments were really helpful though.

I have to say I like MC's recharge times on the HOS's better than the energy bar methods.

The game I miss the most is Awakening Kingdoms.  I absolutely loved the artwork and the music in that one.  I think you could still download it, but since it's not supported anymore your inventory isn't saved once you exit - so you can't level up beyond what you do in a single session.  I wish they had continued the story on that one.

Happy gaming to all!


From: Energyworker


That seems odd re: not updating the inventory. I own 4 of the Awakening Kingdoms games and there are at least 3 more.


From: Playbelle



Yes, the Awakening series games that I own do work perfectly, but I meant the one specifically called "Awakening Kingdoms".  It was like Midnight Castle in the sense that it was based on a game series that you could own, you could download it and it was free to play, but you couldn't actually own that one. 

I just checked and it isn't available for download anymore either.  Which makes sense since they aren't supporting it.  Maybe they will move that game over to Steam too.  Then again, they really left the story line hanging in Awakening Kingdoms, so Steam might bypass that one due to the frustration factor.


From: Honeyphan


Hey Playbelle - Awakening Kingdoms is another one I downloaded - and I can level up fine and my inventory stays intact. :) I'm now on level 17 -and each time I enter the game, it takes me to where I left off with 100% energy refill, so I know it does work... I can only play for a short time each day before my energy is gone and wait til the next day (since the energy bar takes forever to fill up)- but it's worth it - love the music/setting/sounds of that game! It's so relaxing and pleasant...

I know what you mean about Wanderland - I'm at level 31 now, but have been winning a lot of tournaments. lol - Had I not, it would be more difficult (but not impossible). I like that the portals are puzzles that make sense to progress in the game - and that the HOS steadily get harder as you proceed (though I might eat my words when I get even further, where the timer mode is continual and less...) But it is a fun game. :)

The HOS is repetitious to play - but so is MC. I love MC, but I also love variety and like the vibe that goes with this one too. :)

  • Edited March 17, 2021 3:10 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: Honeyphan


Hi Energyworker :) -

I also own all the Awakening games - they are fun to play aren't they! - love their whole presentation - The Awakening Kingdoms is a free to play game I downloaded online a couple of weeks ago from a trusted site. (Couldn't find it on Bigfish, though they still have all of their singles that you pay for.  Steam has them too - and if you wait for one of their sales, you can get each CE for around $3 - $4 if you want to add to your stock. :))

Funny thing I just remembered - Awakening Kingdoms is in my bigfish app? (can't think what you call what holds your games right now! lol) - but I did not load it from bigfish. I did a google search of it online - found a site (can't remember the name now) - and researched into them first, to be sure they were legit and safe) - once I learned they are, I downloaded the game, but before opening the folder, I also ran a virus scan over it from two security measures I have - and when it came out okay - then I opened the game and played it. :)

I recently opened Coral Cove with the mermaid and completely refurbished the castle (except for those areas that cannot be unlocked yet) - so I definitely know the version I downloaded does progress in game. Of course, I can't "get my citizenship", can't get friends, can't make a collection - since all those things are online, and it is no longer an online game- supported - so those tasks just hang to the left forever. lol But I don't mind - there are always tasks to be done there- the minute one is done, another takes it's place. :)

ETA - okay, I looked it up - the site from which I downloaded Awakening Kingdoms is called:  Download Free Games (if you want to look into it) and the button to download is for PC -

I think I know what happened... Bigfish took the game down off their site, but kept the link viable - which means that anyone who had posted the download off their site can still get the game - it just will never show up in a search there (at Bigfish). But since it is a BF link, it shows up in my game manager (ha! I remembered the name! lol  Don't mind me - been sick and am still not at 100% capacity since I've been on a liquid diet for over a week! Need protein. Ugh. ;-))

ETA - I just opened my Awakening Kingdoms game - I am on level 17, almost at level 18. :) Not sure how many levels it will take me - but thanks for the heads up that it ends on a cliffie - (as a writer, I'll just supply my own resolution to the story when I get there. ;-) lol)

  • Edited March 17, 2021 3:07 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: Playbelle


Thanks Honeyphan.

Another thing that wouldn't work anymore for Awakening Kingdoms is the ability to buy and sell on the auction with other players.  The auction helped so much because it could take a LONG time to get the multiples of a single item for a quest.

Yes, I loved the music, the artwork, the pets (and the accessories for the pets) and some of the mini-games.  Loved that you had so many mini-games to play while waiting for the energy bar to recharge.  It was also so much fun to customize the castle restorations (all those options).

Word to the wise, you can put off finishing the quest to heal the Pegacorn (winged unicorn) until you run out of all other quests.  I did and it won't interfere with your other quests.  That one took a ton of resources to complete.

There are (or were) certain store items you could buy that would speed up the recharge rate for your energy; some of them were temporary and some were permanent.  The permanent speed up items made a huge difference in game play. 

As you say, it's a relaxing and beautiful world. It was such a great way to de-stress after work.  I so want them to re-launch it and finish the storyline without changing the look, sounds and feel of the game.

I'll have to look for which site to download that one.  If I find it and all goes well, I'll leave that info here for others.


From: Honeyphan


Thank you for the advice on the pegacorn! I will remember that when I get to that point. :)

Yes, I love the little mini games -but I always end up giving away my resources on those type quests - and then don't have enough to play. lol I have to learn to build up my resources - play the games - THEN give away for those quests that need it. At least the quests can be played in any order, so that helps.

Another thing that is missing is "friends" - and I miss having that too, since it's so wonderful in my MC and Wanderland game. But still, even without all the frills, I love playing Awakening Kingdoms too.

I actually think you can still buy things, though I wouldn't risk trying since it is offline - when I clicked out of curiosity, it took me to the BF site as if it was a purchase. But I clicked out. 

I have a few energy renewal things I got for achievements but haven't used them yet. lol All except the canteen, which refilled and added 10 to my bar (but I don't think that was permanent).

If you want the site, and it's okay to post it here, this is it:

I would definitely do your own research into them (google search) and do a virus scan before opening the file if you download - it all worked fine for me, but I always advise playing it safe, not sorry...


From: Playbelle


Thanks so much for providing the link!  

For anyone else wondering, I had a good experience with that link too.  It will provide you with a small file.  Once you install that file, it will connect to your Big Fish Games Manager, which adds Awakening Kingdoms to your queue and then installs.  As Honeyphan says, virus scans are always recommended for downloads.  I also create a restore point on my computer before installing something new (just click on your windows icon and type "create restore point" to be taken to that menu), then if anything goes really wrong you can always do a System Restore.

I'm having so much fun in that pretty little world again.  Really going to miss the daily rewards though, they were a huge help and the rewards got bigger the longer you played for consecutive days.

Honeyphan, don't hesistate to send me a PM if you have game questions for Awakening Kingdoms.  I'm not in the forum every day, but I'll definitely respond when I see a message.

Happy gaming!  grinning


From: Honeyphan


Thanks for the advice on System restore - definitely will do that.

Yeah, I wish they still gave daily rewards - that would be so helpful - but at least we get rubies just for reading Sophia's letters! lol

Will PM you if I have questions - and thank you! :) Have fun in the Awakening Kingdoms!

I play Wanderland, too! I used to play on both Steam and Big Fish, but Big Fish stopped supporting it and I can no longer connect. I still log into the Steam game, though, but I've pretty much gotten to the point where I can level up but there are no new areas or puzzles to solve. If you would like to connect, I play as OtterQueen. I'm always willing to gift anything I have in inventory.