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EVENT ROOMS TO SHARE - for PC :)   Friends

Started Mar-22 by Honeyphan; 4458 views.

From: Honeyphan


Hey everyone! :) (Sorry for the duplicate - was advised to put this in the friends folder instead and don't know how, so am just copying this over to another thread...)

This thread is for anyone who has event rooms to share with others (for PC) during any of the events. :) Please feel free to add games and Id numbers of those event rooms you have to share with others... as well as any special instructions.

My event rooms (games) are:

Honey 2 - id#  890009

Honey 3 - id#  890258

Honey 4 - id#  890374

Gifts are not expected - only if you wish/need to (and will be reciprocated as I jump in my games and am able). Off season, that is maybe once a week, but during events I will likely visit each of my baby games (event rooms) once a day. That said - if we have a new room this spring, I will change them as follows:

Honey 2 - 3 HOS/ new room

Honey 3 - spring porch/ new room

Honey 4 - Japanese garden/ new room

Haven't yet decided how I will do my main game, lol, but I can really only switch once a day - (or go crazy trying to do it four times with 4 games. ;-) Even 3 times is a bit much, so I might keep those rooms as is and just switch with my main game... haven't yet decided the best way for me to do this.)

Feel free to bump this thread each seasonal event. If I have any information that no longer applies, I will edit my post to show it.

Have fun storming the Castle! :)


WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Thanks Honeyphan.

I also have a PC game I mostly only play during events.

Anyone is welcome to join. Like Honeyphan, gifts not expected or required, but if you do gift I will try and always gift back. Just remember I may not be in the game much while events are not on.

ID is 656179 - WinnieCat

It will be set to the 3 HOS room permanently for every event, so if you want that room, go ahead and friend that game.

There is no expectation of what room you have open, only that you do have a room open I can play if possible.



From: Honeyphan


Thanks, WeeSam! :) Will definitely add your event room to my new game ...

Yes, that's right guys. Call me crazy, but Honey 5 is open for business! :D

id# 890865

For that room only, I plan to keep the new spring room 5 (what I call "spring fair") open for the first half of event, then switch to 3 HOS for the last half (assuming everyone has gotten their needed eggs from there by then - if not, I'll switch back and forth).

During events, I will be in all my event rooms a bit every day and will reciprocate any gifts given (though gifting is not necessary) - Please remember though, these are baby games (Honey 2, Honey 3, Honey 4 and Honey 5). I can't give expensive items or seasonal ones that I haven't yet played so don't own.

I would request that you also have a current event room open, for me to play so I can beef up my games too. :) Thanks!

  • Edited March 25, 2021 4:04 pm  by  Honeyphan

To both Wee Sam & Honey, I will send you invites from Myrtle, Catti, Silky, & Pouncy.  New room for 1st couple of weeks, then will alternate between them to help newer players, forget what pets came with the "tranquil" room.  Let me know if you need Trixie Belle's room 3.  She is events only and has no Trina keys or inventory.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


You are welcome to my game. Have added you. 

If anyone is going to have the Japanese room open during the event, or is rotating with that room, I really need that one in my baby game (656179 - WinnieCat). It seems I didn't play my  lower level game very much during last years event and need all the items from it to make the Happy Pup and Spring Bird.

I hear you re the Japanese Room,  I need that one as well for Catti, Silky and Pouncy .  I missed last Spring Event due to computer problems.  Once I have the parts for the current pets I will make that a priority rotation. Seems like a lot of people may need parts from that one.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


I can't rotate my WinnieCat game, as I have told people it will be permenantly on the 3-Hos room, but I will rotate my main game between the new room and room 4 after about a week. i think you are already a friend on my WeeSam game, so look out for that happening soonish. If you want that room for any of your other games, feel free to send an invite to my main game.

If you are not already on my main game (I'm pretty sure you are), PM me.


From: Honeyphan


Hi Weesam and Trixie Belle! - my Honey 4 game will alternate between new room and Japan, so Japan will be showing once each game day. :) My main game will also be having it, just not every day. My main game is as follows (changing over once a day, usually anywhere from midnight to 2 am (before I go to bed.)  New room/3 HOS, new room/spring porch, new room/Japan - and rinse and repeat, - so my main game should have Japan up every third day. :) Once the new room has been hit enough that i think everyone has their eggs for their pets, I might just go on a regular rotation - new room, spring porch, 3 HOS, Japan (switching out once a day) so it would be every second day.

The spring porch may not give much coin, and some might not like it when it is displayed - but it is the only HOS with items needed for the popular bunnies (which are great pets to have, giving good chests and low food ratio) - baby girl, baby boy, chimney sweep, cook, and Jester bunny (I think there are others, just can't think of them right now)- and I definitely want to open that option for anyone who doesn't have the bunnies and wants them. :) I'm working toward getting it in my Honey 2 game especially, since that one I am playing more than the others. (as far as game progress/leveling up)

Also, Trixie Belle - not sure what you meant by what you said: (I don't know how to quote it here so am just putting it in quotes) - "Let me know if you need Trixie Belle's room 3.  She is events only and has no Trina keys or inventory."

Do you mean that she is always set on Room 3 and you don't have keys to open other rooms or inventory to share? That's fine. :)

  • Edited March 28, 2021 2:33 pm  by  Honeyphan

Hi Honey & Wee Sam.  My Trixie Belle game is permanently on the 3 HOS room for any event.  I don't play that game as it is on the old Vista computer.  Wee Sam, we have been friends for years in some of our games.  Look forward to many more.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Thanks Honey

I have added your Game 4 to my WinnieCat game and am happy to have access to a Japanese room. There are so few of them showing on my friends list. For some reason a whole bunch of WinnieCat's friends seem to be showing Room 1.

What is your rotation? Is it once a day you rotate between Japanese room and new room? I noticed yesterday that it was on the new room again, so am guessing that is the case.

I really want that Happy Pup friend, but am not sure I will get enough bits to make it this year.