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CC Has Started 3-31-21   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Mar-31 by Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom); 3883 views.

New CC!

Quick glance, this is going to be a tough one. Example: tomorrow send 5 packed airships. Also 3 dice days.


From: Honeyphan


The avatars have an old-timey classic feel - like from the 20s or 30s - being a fan of historical literature and shows/movies - I like it! :)


From: SharpEye1


Yes, tomorrow's is tough, but at least it is the only airship task on the whole challenge.  heart_eyes  

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The Photographer looks like he should be wearing a corset round midnight. LOL

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I am so glad I was able to get rid of that bad habit I had ---- playing the Castle "Challenge". Which really is not a challenge at all ---- it's just how many hard earned resources are you willing to give up, and how much time that could be used for more productive aspects of the game (earning coins, for example) are you willing to waste? 

So I do not believe this CC is a tough one at all, but it is certainly costly. No skill is required, no strategy, just give and give some more:

- Five (5) airships? When they have not even addressed the problem with Trina so a combo or two could be done?

- 7 Lords, 10 horses, 13 bird houses? And the devs have not provided the opportunity to purchase the proper amulet since forever ago? Who really wants to spend their game time staring at the screen waiting for a floater to see if it is the one out of fifteen different ones they need? Devs? Really? How insulting!

- and the usual "get the spring items, play dice, use hints, and the usual drivel we see with every "event" or "challenge". And ---- how sloppy is this ---- task 11 and task 30 are the same!!!

- and this group of avatars ---- for a total of 170 avatars now ---- is just plain ugly, and the photographer may be the ugliest avatar ever.

Devs ---- You are phoning it in, it is obvious, and you are just letting this once great and fantastic game hang out to dry. The "event" is a bore, and the "challenge" is pitifully shameful. 

Sorry if this upsets anyone, but I am tired of seeing these devs ruin this game with their disinterest, lack of imagination, and refusal to offer anything but the same things that have been done for years.. Time to shake it up and be progressive, or let it go. This outstanding bit of gaming history does not deserve this callous mistreatment.


From: alliebdive


I decided a couple of CCs ago that I would only do them if  a. I really liked the avatars and b. it didnt detract from my main game objective which is to fulfil the three DQ challenge attainments.   So I just play along using the CC as an extra dimension to the day as long as it goes along with the main play of DQs - obviously this doesnt apply if it is a CC running in an Event because there aren't any DQs.... So for this one it depends on how much it is going to rob me of vital inventory, in particular airship items.  This particular CC falls at the first hurdle because there is NO WAY i am going to send 5 packed air ships right off the bat.  That's pushing 2000 pieces of inventory at this point in my game, inventory that is particularly needed for those DQs when the event is over and the long summer stretches ahead!!!  So I won't even be playing along at all for it.  And I don't miss it at all.  It's quite liberating to be able to play exactly as I want in the Event without that extra distraction.  Not that keen on the avatars either. 

I hadn't even thought of how many actual airship items ---- but you're right, 2,000 is ridiculous.

It seems that if the focus returned to the main game with the achievement goals already laid out they could continue to work on story content (with NEW things like new HOS, different ZZs) , or new global events (that maybe last longer and involve something other than giving up inventory), or even feature the return of the long promised tournaments.

Or have a totally different sort of event like the Anniversary Event.

It wouldn't take much to get past this lather, rinse, repeat nonsense they are stuck on ---- I really think they don't care much about this game at all any more, and I am very disheartened to see that. It is a beautiful game, and deserves so much more.


From: Playbelle


I know - seriously?  FIVE packed airships for one task?!  We just sent off 2 packed airships for the CC that ended earlier this week.  thumbsdown thumbsdown angry  Mine are asking for 45+ airship items per crate.  If they're going to ask for that many items, they need to overhaul how many airship items we earn per HOS.

I don't even send airships anymore unless it's a CC (when I get them for the DQ, I stop for the day or skip that day entirely).  

Agreed, the avatars just aren't fabulous enough to justify that many airships on any task, let alone on day 2 of the new CC. Pass.


From: attie1234


Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

And the devs have not provided the opportunity to purchase the proper amulet since forever ago?

I emailed both EG and BF about offering the amulet for sale again. I agree, it is a shame that they haven’t offered it. I have heard back to send another email if I still needed my request looked into. Fingers crossed that they will provide it soon. I am only playing the CC on my game that I had to start over because I lost a game last year so the airship challenge isn’t going to be as hard as it will be for my other games so I will pass doing it on them. Have Fun playing and my view on this game is that it is just a game that is meant to be enjoyable and relaxing. If you no longer enjoy it then maybe it is time to “hang up a sign” and take a break. wink Attie

Oh, I have largely hung it up ---- I just go in and send gifts, look for anything new, and keep hoping the game won't meet the same fate as "Found" and so many others. So I keep checking and hoping.

I'm not mad at all, just astonished at the shabby way they are treating this history maker of a game ---- a real shame.

(Hope you get that amulet!!!)