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Send 5 Packed AirShips   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-1 by Katijay (Katijay46); 1377 views.

This is really insane not to mention cruel...I was just beginning to feel a little good about my airship inventory! 

Good Luck to everyone doing this CC...

Hello.  I agree with you.  I made the mistake of sending  the ships thinking  5? , okay that counted as 3. (I should have known better). Now I barely have enough items to send all ships out again.  Oh well, there will be other CCs.

I can understand your not finishing this one, but for those that may have inventory or the ability to built enough on that inventory this is the only air shipment almost feels like someone is trying to make us feel like what it would take to break us...not a good feeling...hope someone gives this person a glass of wine!...


From: attie1234


Hi Gertie, I did the same thing. LOL. The only consolation I have is that at least I have great friends with their SE rooms open and I can play them each day and build my airship items up. I have decided to take my time on this SE CC......doesn’t have to be done each day. I hope my new strategy will work. relaxedbouquet Attie

Hi:  Playing only 1 game I am in the same boat as you and am now getting sore fingers and arm from playing rooms to get enough to send the ship and am down to sending 1 more packed, but will take awhile to build up these items again.  cold_sweat Thank goodness this is the only one for this CC relieved  Looking forward to playing the rest at a leisurely pace.  Hope you will continue on this one as I know many are dropping out of this and not being available for gifting or receiving.

Pat tulip


From: Playbelle



I thought that maybe they were trying to make us spend real world $ on the the game (not something I am going to do), but when I checked, they don't even sell airship items.  

It just makes no sense.  Maybe if you completely run out of an airship item you could use diamonds to finish filling the crate and they think they could get us that way?  I don't know, I've never totally run out of an airship item.

Yeah, whoever is in charge of CC event tasks needs a glass of wine.  And a nap.  And maybe reassignment to a different game.

This was enough to make me skip this CC, but best wishes to all who are going ahead with it. relaxed

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From: Suenamie5


I know what you guys mean!!  I had to use over 200 diamonds to finish this but I'm glad there are no other airship challenges in this CC!  I wasn't able to finish the last CC due to switching computers and running out of time and then moving to Arizona. The CC's are part of what keeps me engaged in this game but I think 5 airships is a bit much!  I sent out all my pets that bring back airship items for 2 days in a row but still had to buy some.

It amazes me what I will do for avatars but I'm addicted to winning themwink.

Good luck to those who stay with itblush.  Hugs to all!!!!


Hello to all Castle folks

I hope I did not sound too whiney  ..Perhaps I should have some cheese with my whine er wine.

Anyway it is a challenge and I appreciate that.  This one I will be sitting out. I hope my friends understand I can not send what I do not have or have a limited amount of the item.  Seems most are asking for air ship items.  I have a small amount of air ship items left, so will try to build up some for next challenge.  Also, not to crazy about avatars.

  Good luck to all, I admire your perseverance.


Hey Attie

Thanks for letting me know, I was not the only one.wink  Good Luck with the Chellenge!