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Android spring friends   Friends

Started Apr-1 by Grandma (oldgrandma); 502 views.

I am Grandma. Need android spring friends. My number is  a1376251  lost all friends on computer crash.   Thank you!

Janna (McCastles)

From: Janna (McCastles)


In case you are looking for friends 

or in need for extra SE rooms

you might invite yourself 

on my low level or feeder games.

All are on spring room 5

Lev 50 a684687

Lev 46 a982016

Lev 42 a982019

Lev 37 a982025

Lev 37 a982029

Lev 19 a982033

Lev 19 a837459

Lev 13 a1389659

Lev 13 a1389812

Please, name your game.

PLAYER, player, Player, just me, JUST ME, JUST ME 2 and just me too are taken already ;-)

In case you have 2 or more castles send me a pm, please. Multiplayer can be added to my main games too.

Happy Easter 

Can't thank you enough!!!!!! 

You are not going to believe this, but I lost my whole game again. Got to the highest level and was trying each day to build up my money and inventory. Well, have again asked for them to restore my game. Will again send invites to the accounts you so kindly listed for me. New number is : a1397174. Still under the name Grandma. Will see if I ever get tis game back again. Now have to again restore my friends, as Dumb me just threw away the listing I had kept for a while....Dang!!!!  Thanks again for the help.