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Where have the shards gone?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-3 by Anglesey; 442 views.

From: Anglesey


Hi All

I've noticed that for the past few days, no shards are falling when I feed a pet. Is this what happens during an event and I just haven't noticed it before?confused


Anglesey (NiteBear in the Castle)

I think all the shards have migrated to the event rooms in my games.  I seem to get more shards than pet components.


From: AEGram


If you really want to collect a significant amount of shards......visit the friends rooms displaying Spring Room 1 (Terrace) and Spring Room 2.

There are 3 HOSs in the second room; only one in the original spring room. Even though the Terrace only gives 50 coins upon completion, you are guaranteed to get an item or carrot (Top Hat, Rattle, Bow Tie, or Recipe Book)  upon completion. (No shard or 15 extra coins)

In SprRm2, you're guaranteed to get an item or a carrot (Pocket Watch, Playing Card, Shell) upon completion....again, no shard or 15 extra coins.

So why should this matter?'s because each of those items from the Terrace and SprRm2 are worth 3 shards when disenchanted. The shard value for all subsequent Spring Event items (from SprRm4 and the new SprRm5) is only 1.

Plus.....if players concentrate on those 2 rooms (Rm1 and 2), they will get a higher percentage of carrots. This is quite helpful/significant when the CC asks for a collection of carrots because you can sometimes get 2 carrots from one room visit....a carrot as the item selection; a carrot as the random event item instead of the various flower, nuts, chocolate, jelly candy)