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Airship achievements   Achievements and Musings

Started Apr-4 by Christy Priest (ChristyPries); 302 views.

This has probably been asked before but I couldn’t find it when I searched so,  for the airship collection achievements how exactly do they count the number of items you send? I keep sending them but my number doesn’t seem to go up so I’m wondering if there’s something I’m missing here!

The last 4 are the airship achievements, which one are you specifically asking about? 

From: AEGram


Time is Money
1. Collect 1000 coins in 24 hours – 1 diamond
2. Collect 10,000 coins in 24 hours – 5 diamonds
3. Collect 50,000 coins in 24 hours – Gold Pony (pet)

Market Master
1. Buy 20 items – 1500 coins
2. Buy 300 items – 5 diamonds
3. Buy 1200 items – 3 rare (green) stamps

Master Merchant
1. Sell 20 items – 3 diamonds
2. Sell 300 items – 10 diamonds
3. Sell 1200 items – 25 diamonds 

Oh Captain, My Captain
1. Send 3 airships in a row – 3 diamonds
2. Send 8 airships in a row – 5 diamonds 
3. Send 24 airships in a row – 8 diamonds

Collector of Antiquities
1. Collect 50 items for the airship – 100 coins
2. Collect 600 items for the airship – 2 diamonds
3. Collect 7000 items for the airships – Floraline (avatar) <--red headed flower girl

Steer Clear
1. Get 700 steering wheels for sending airships – 3 diamonds
2. Get 3000 steering wheels for sending airships – Egg for Flap-Eared Puppy (pet)
3. Get 7000 steering wheels for sending airships – Bella the Dancer (avatar)

1. Pack 30 crates on airship – 3 diamonds
2. Pack 200 crates on airship – 5 diamonds
3. Pack 500 crates on airship – 8 diamonds

1. Earn 1,000 coins sending airships – Crystal Ball
2. Earn 12,000 coins sending airships – Snow Queen (avatar)
3. Earn 24,000 coins sending airships – 3 diamonds


From: LvlSlgr


I found 4 Achievements that have to do with sending airships. I've completed most of these and will give you the final stage in the achievement.

Oh, Captain, My Captain! - Send 24 airships. As this says, it counts the number of times you send an airship. That is a full airship and you have to click on the "Send" button.

Collector of Antiquities - Collect 7000 items for the airship. This is simply collecting the airship items by playing the HOS, feeding pets, getting them as gifts, etc.

Steer Clear - Get 7000 steering wheels. You receive steering wheels each time you send an airship. You can find the number of steering wheels under "Your Rewards" at the time you pack the airship. 

Packer - Pack 500 crates on the airship. Each airship has 3 crates which you can pack before sending it. Again, you have to pack all 3 and click on the "Send" button for this to count.

Blimp - Earn 24,000 sending airships. With each airship you send you earn coins. The number of coins is determined by the number of items you pack. Right off the top of my head I can't remember how many coins per item. So if you send an airship with 3 crates with something like 20 for crate 1 and 20 for crate 2 and 20 for crate 3, then you should receive 60 times whatever that number is. I found it - it's 15 coins per item. So that would be 15 x 60 or 900 coins. Again this only works if you pack all 3 crates and click on the "Send" button.

I hope this helps. I'll check to see if AEGram has any other information in the Game Guide. If I find something I'll come back and add a link. Oops! I see Tammy beat me to it. She did a cut & paste in her response.

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