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The diamond sale   Welcome!

Started Apr-6 by Werecatqueen; 919 views.

From: Werecatqueen


Anyone else getting sick of it? It tends to pop up unexpectedly, and while I can usually click out of it, a couple times I get blindsided and end up clicking on it. Thank goodness I only have like 15 bucks in my playstore account, or there's probably a good chance I would have accidentally purchased the damn thing. Can't they just show it to us at the beginning of the game and let us purchase it from the bank if we change our minds after initially declining it? rage


From: LvlSlgr


In my game the offer will reappear after an hour has passed.

Yes, it's very annoying. This sale has been going on for a very long time.

Be thankful for small mercies.  I play several games that hit you with at least 5 "newsflashes" before you can actually get to start playing.  Then after every second HOS, they hit you with ads for items to help you advance in the game, at a small cost of course, ads for other games they produce and so on.  This game is a breeze for the lack of ads.

Haven't been in the game yet today, but the diamond sale advertisement should be a thing of the past.  Just heard from player marycricket who informed BF of the recurring diamond sale banner.  They thanked her for alerting them to the glitch and the banner should be gone.

I'm not exactly sure of the timing, but I received the note from marycricket today saying she had notified BF of the glitch and they acknowledged it.  I don't go into my game every day, but I did today and the diamond sale ad was gone.  So it could have been yesterday.