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Old player returning   Friends

Started Apr-6 by Rynleaf (TineKaaeAnde); 538 views.

Hi all!

I played MC for a few years and ended up leaving back when the Big Fish forum closed down. I have missed the game from time to time so it made me very happy to find an active forum here as I have started playing this lovely game again.

I am starting over so looking for friends. I have already Ninjaed a few here lol. 

I currently pondering what I can gain from easter event level 10.

Gamename is Rynleaf.

I am on Android and my ID is a1394776.


From: Moonki


Hi My Main game is on iOS but I have started a game on android - just up to level 21. I play as Winki I gift and rotate through the Spring Event rooms. I’ll send you an invite. Moonki

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Thank you :) Working hard now to get to 13 so I can open event room.


From: Moonki


My tablet was fine last night. Today it keeps saying reboot. I tried every suggestion it showed to no avail Hopefully I’ll eventually get back on. In the meantime, I’m not there. Moonki