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Friends of Nell, Nell2, GMA , OneCent, PennyB   Friends

Started Apr-28 by PenWeb; 523 views.

From: PenWeb


Have been off-line since last Tuesday, and could not let you-all know. Finally found the problem - Wi-Fi quit on me. Have sent grandson to get me a new router, hopefully will be back tonight. Connected straight from the modem, so my laptop has to wait until then.
Frustrating to lose a whole week's worth of playing, let alone helping everyone with Event items. Don't forget that the Consortium helps every day, not just during Events, so keep the items you want on your wish list all year long.
Penny B
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Just let me know what you are lacking (particularly of the Event times) and I will gift both IDs every day!

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From: SharpEye1


Oh, that has to be so annoying for you!  Ditto to what PTG said.  I'm happy to help!  heart_eyes


From: PenWeb


Thanks to my oldest grandson who got the router for me, I am now up and running on both PC and laptop for all my games. YAHOO!!! 

Thanks to all my Friends who have sent me gifts the week I was incommunicado. I will continue to gift Event items as long as y'all have them on your wish list.

My Friends are GREAT!!!!

Penny B

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From: datsalotta


You're pretty sweet yourself PenWeb. I wondered about your gameplay when I did not receive gifts in return. Not like you. But today and yesterday I received your gifts so knew all is well. Glad you got the fix you needed to play again.

Have fun roamin' the Castle