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Ready to give   Technical Issues

Started Apr-29 by Bemused12; 779 views.

From: Bemused12


My game keeps freezing. It happens on so many occasions: going from room to room, exiting the game, doing HOs and today trying to send gifts.  Because of the problem, yesterday for the CC I fed the pets, completed 2 daily quests and used 60 hints doing HOs.  I knew the game was going wrong when I was the only one left in the ranking of the HO I was doing.

Just when into the game and it only saved feeding the pets and the 1st daily quest I completed.  I am not doing all that again.  

I tried to gift friends.  1st one OK then the game freeze when doing the 2nd one.  My game is absolute rubbish.  I cannot do anything and no idea how to resolve it.


From: AEGram


Have you checked your "Temp" folder inside the AppData\Local folder?

This is a hidden folder, so you will need to go to unhide the to navigate to it....or you can type the info directly into the run line.

The folder is located here: c:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Temp  ...... you would need to insert your user ID you use to log onto the computer for the word "YOU" in can type this directly in the run line (right click on your windows button in the lower left, select "run" and the field will present for you to type the info.  Type it exactly as in red with the change of YOU to your computer ID.

That will take you to the Temp folder that houses a bunch of temporary files as various programs open. Supposedly, any new items created by apps are override the ones already in this folder. However, they never get deleted until you actually delete them. And, sometimes those older items interfere with incoming new items. would want to highlight e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g  in this folder......folders, files ....everything.

Then delete everything....folders, files....everything.

When deleted, those items will go to your recycle bin. Because things left in your recycle bin is held there by your random access memory, a bunch of junk in your recycle bin can slow down your computer.

As soon as you delete items from the Temp folder at the location listed above in red.....right click on your Recycle Bin and select to empty it.

THEN.....go to whatever browser you use and delete all your cookies and history.

THEN....go into Microsoft Edge (whether you use it or not) and delete all cookies and history.

Reboot your computer and see if that doesn't speed up your computer in general.....Plus, it might help clear up some of the issues with Midnight Castle.

Regardless.............none of these steps will harm your computer or harm the working of Midnight Castle.

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From: Bemused12


Thank you for the detailed answer.  I will try and see what happens.

Editing to say that I followed the instructions but unfortunately it did not work

Went into the game, completed 1 DQ, next task was to used 60 hints.  I started doing that but the first Ho only showed me but I continued hoping it might resolve itself.  Got 120 morph.  I had 5 snowdrops gifted from friends.  When I opened the gifts it said "please wait".  Left the game up for 1 hour just in case.  The game was not frozen as I could see the countdown for the DQ working.  It did work so I used the task manager to exit MC.  Went back in the game and it only remembered the DQ.

I think I might get in touch with Elephant game.  What do you think?

I will clear the browsing history etc on a more regular basis now I know what to do.

  • Edited April 30, 2021 1:09 pm  by  Bemused12

From: Tannie2018


I have the same issue since just before the Christmas event. I do 10 to 20 HOS and then game has slowed down so much it is unplayable. Frequently freezing too. when I restart my computer, game is up and running for another 10 to 20 HOS. Its very frustrating.


From: Bemused12



I contacted EG.  They said they are aware of the problem and will issue instructions, hopefully soon.  I have not been in the game since.  I do not believe I could even do 10 Hos.