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outlook   Technical Issues

Started Apr-29 by ladyalice; 832 views.

From: ladyalice


is there a way to transfer my game files to another location  answer me at  cannot use outlook cant receive messages


From: AEGram


Games files for Midnight Castle are not relevant to Outlook. They are housed in a folder inside your user id on your PC.

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From: ladyalice


then can you tell how to transfer the file so that i dont have to rebuy my games cause thats where im at  sorry for being so unknowledgeable thank you for tryingto help


From: Hirento


Hello Laydalice, relaxed

why do you have to re-buy the game? It is free to play, no money needed.

If you mean other games bought from BigFish games, then all purchases are connected to the User profile you log in to the Game manager with.

You need an email address to create a Profile, and you make a password. Did you use  Outlook email for this, and can no longer access Outlook? Or forgot your password and need a new? Contact Big Fish Customer support, they may help.

If you changed computers, and need to transfer the game from your old computer to your new, then Big Fish  customer support can help with that.

It is difficult to know what the problem is, you do not say anything about what is wrong with your game.

If you need to change your email that is connected to your Game Manager, go to Big Fish Games homepage, sign in to your account, then change the email. Here is what BFG says:

 New email address?

Even if the email address you previously used when signing in to Big Fish Games is no longer valid or you no longer use it for your email service, you can go ahead and sign in to Big Fish Games with that address again.

Once you sign in, you can enter a new email address by following the steps above.

And you can read all about it here

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In reply toRe: msg 2

From: ladyalice


im sorry im not clear when i request a new email the notice goes to outlook where my games are and im not receiving my email so i hasve no way to get into the site  ive already set up a new account just hoping i could get my games to that site


From: Hirento


With "request a new email" - do you mean a new password from Big Fish? Or do you mean change your email address with BFG?

You can change which email address you want attached to your existing account, you don't have to get a new account from BFG.

By "have no way to get into the site" - do you mean logging in to BFG homepage or Game Manager? Yes for that you need a password, and requesting a new password will make BFG send it to your listed email.

Changing email will not be possible without logging in, of course, so you are in a bind.

If this is the case, I suggest that you contact BFG support and explain to them that your problem is  needing a new password but cannot access the email they send it to.

If you do want to use your new account, then only Big Fish can help with moving your games from your old account to your new. If they can do that at all, it is doubtful as they say this:

BFG wrote:

Have more than one account?
An email address is required to set up a new account. It is used as a sign in reference. All of your information, games, and membership rewards are associated with that particular account.
There is not a way to automatically merge multiple accounts and email addresses. If you have created more than one account, using multiple email addresses, please sign in to each of these accounts separately.

Your games are not in Outlook. Outlook is an email service provided by /or with/ microsoft Windows.

If Outlook stopped working so that you can't get any emails at all, do you know why?

It is very possible that Customer Support at BigFish can help you with your existing game account, if you have problems logging in or forgot your password.

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From: ladyalice


this has nothing to do with bfg.  my outlook is blocked from receiving email and i dont know my password and cant set up another otherwise np so i need to get into outlook with the temporary password and my password doesnt work and no way to set up another

wish this was on iphone thanx foe the help


From: Hirento


Hello again relaxed

I suppose I misunderstood you, I just assumed it was your BFG password you had problems with.

Which password is it that you need? The one for BFG, or the one for Outlook?

Or perhaps both?

I don't use Outlook much, but there are some simple troubleshooting checks you can do, if you didn't already.

First, if you don't use Outlook for more than a year, it will become inactive and cannot be recovered (at least the free version). The same goes for e.g Yahoo unless you pay to get it opened again, by the way.

Second, if you cannot log in to Outlook because you forgot that password, then there are ways to recover that with Outlook support.

Some simple things to check regarding Outlook:

  • Is your Outlook or Microsoft account blocked? This sometimes happens because of suspicious activity, because Microsoft wants to protect you. Un-block your account (link to microsoft here) by following the steps. This link is the same one you use if you want to re-set your Outlook password.
  • You clearly have an internet connection since you are posting here, but does Outlook itself connect to the Internet?. Check if "Work offline" has been turned on - open Outlook and look in the bottom of the Outlook window. If it says "Work offline" or "Disconnected", then you must click the button "Send/receive, then click to de-select Work offline.
  • Are there any updates pending? Sometimes Windows programs simply won't work properly if they are missing an update. Look in Windows update on your computer.
  • Is you inbox full?  There is a limit to how much you can have in the inbox/outbox, so clean out old stuff.
  • Check if the emails you are waiting for goes to Junkmail.
  • Finally, if you still cant get email or have problems logging in to Outlook:  contact Outlook support.

From: ladyalice


thank you for your input still no joy ill have to gradually buy these back since i cant get to games list


From: katiek2


Hi there,

Sorry for butting in, but wanted you to know.  You NEVER have to rebuy any games you have purchased from Big Fish.  If/when you are able to open the Big Fish Game Manager, or the official Big Fish site where you pick and choose any games you want to buy,  log in to your Big Fish account, click on purchase history, and everything you have purchased is listed there.  Click on the games as you want to play them, or set aside enough time to reinstall all of them.  Once you click on the game, it will self-install to the game manager.

I regularly uninstall old games I haven't played for awhile in order to free up space on my hard drive.  Once in a while I log into my account at Big, go to my purchase history, and reinstall if I see one I want to play again.

Hope this makes sense to you.


P.S.  You can always reinstall Midnight Castle from the official Big site without going to your purchase history, as you did not buy that game.  It is a free game.  There is a place on Big Fish where you can do a search for specific games.  Just type in Midnight Castle and it will bring you to the page where you can reinstall it.