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Prof. Pinfeathers quests   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-2 by MirtaiAmazon; 728 views.

From: MirtaiAmazon



I'm not terribly new to the game, but am very new to this forum.  Browsing some entries I've seen it mentioned that after a certain point, you really have to execute Pinfeather's quests in strict order, or you end up having problems getting certain objects later in the game.  Somewhere in the Level 60s was the stated point.  I've just hit 65, and up to now I've been doing what I imagine most people do in the beginning, when I can't progress further on one quest, I switch to one of the others, and do what I can there.  I'll stop doing that now, but how precise is this 'in order' business?  Do you have to carry out the entries in order too?  If a character says "Fetch me <A>", and "Fetch me <B>", do I have to get A before B?  And if A is going to see another character, do I have to carry out all that character's requests before getting "B"?  Or is it a bit more relaxed than that?

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


The game will prevent you going in a wrong direction. If you have a choice of two threads available you can do either first. The only problem is that you may run out of inventory or diamonds doing so.


From: MirtaiAmazon


Oh, sure, that already happens.  As I tend to only play once a day, it can take a while to complete threads.  But thank you, it's good to know that I don't have to be uber-careful about completion order.


From: AEGram


It's true that the game will prevent you from going in the wrong direction....and, it does, most of the time.

However, there are a couple of places in the game where several players have experienced the same problem.....Storyteller Cat not giving them the next character quest because the Side Quest didn't disable as it should have. ........and items don't get placed in previous HOSs or ZZs as they should be.

Something I've also learned.....the game will present a "bubble" that says you need to be on a certain level and give up a x amount of coins to open a new area. It's sooooooooo tempting to spend the coins when you can because the areas are so different and exciting. However, many players have then been unable to proceed in the game because they used 20,000 coins to open a new area long before the game/character sends them there.

So, when the bubble is presented, it's the game's way of telling you that you have a need for a lot of coins in the near can then set aside the leveling up and do a few rounds to build up coins before proceeding. For the bubbles, it's always best to wait until the character sends you to it.