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Can you sell or redeem extra Enchanted eggs    Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-3 by RuthieB; 406 views.

From: RuthieB


wondering if you can sell the repeats of the Enchanted eggs you get. I'm talking about the floating things you get by using a carrot as they float by. Categories are lords, ladies, balloon animals...


Hi Ruthie!

What a wonderful question to ask. I am so glad that you brought it up.

During any of the Events: SE, FE, or the WE, any of the flying “Spirits” that you catch to fill up your Seasonal Books, whether using Carrots, Ghost Traps, or Holiday Wands, may not be sold, gifted, or disenchanted. 

However you may proudly display them in the corresponding Seasonal Book, for all to see how busy you were, how much you achieved, and most importantly, how much you have to be proud of!

I hope that answers your question. And that you have enjoyed the SE. 
I also hope you and your family are staying safe and well!

Please let me know if I may be of any help or assistance to you at anytime. Feel free to post or just reach out to me if I am able to offer support in any way!

Debbie ~ Consortium Leader two_hearts


From: RuthieB


Thanks! What a thorough answer. And so quick!