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Pets   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started May-5 by Riddler (Riddler01); 679 views.

What are two newest pets, just want make sure I have them all.  Thanks MC buddies

The 2 new Spring pets are Cute Koala and Spring Herald. I haven't crafted them yet so I don't know what chests they give and at what percentage. Someone else may have this information.

I have crafted them already, but they give nothing special. And theres so many pets, I got confused on the newest ones, brain dead moment!


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I knew one was the Koala, didnt even pay attention to the other, Oops!



From: AEGram


Riddler (Riddler01) said:

What are two newest pets, just want make sure I have them all.  Thanks MC buddies

ALL of the pets are listed in this thread, including how you get them:

(this thread is linked to the COMPLETE INDEX - Tips, Tricks and Guides thread. It's entitled: Pets -- How you get them)

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Thanks AEG, I have already crafted them a while back, but had a  brain dead moment and just couldn't think of Spring Herald, Koala yes but the other wasn't sure which bird.... Thanks again all, back to the castle to stock up on everything I used at SE and CC, and that seemed to be a huge amount of many items. Now I am bored again waiting for the next update/CC and will go replenish and catch up on jigsaw puzzles. Bye for now, and many thanks again