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ROLL CALL vitamine D    Friends

Started May-8 by KNIMtheTOAD; 400 views.



Up dating everyone. MOUSE  (TOAD & Otter still lost)

Well to say how its going with me, my PC just died. I use my daughters PC for MOUSE. 

MY vacuum , toaster, microwave died. TV is on its last legs. 

Wind and rain storm alerts for Mothers day and there are 5 trees on property behind me that will probably come down on mine. Can't reach owner but contacted city. 

Doctors appointment yesterday and my chronic vitamin D  issue has hit almost normal 1st time in 7years. WAHOOO

Depression is getting better. Why I don't know.  Maybe D helped. 

THANK'S to all my friends for gifting MOUSE. I am gifting back once a day so slow going. MOUSE game is low on coins but I did manage to go up 2 levels. Was unable to finish Spring Event though I got close.  Didn't do CC. 

Had a Chat with Randy  which was nice. I called him because worried about COVID up kick in Canada. He and sister are doing well and being silly. Thank You Randy.

So sorry for everyone who have had losses or illness. Prayers and kind thoughts.

Good wishes to all. 


Hi there great news on the Vitamin D. Hopefully it is helping with your depression. When my son was little I used to call him my vitamin D (his name is Darren) because he always made me smile Well it is the sunshine vitamin. Happy to keep gifting Mouse. I've taken my wish lists down so no need to gift me back. I have plenty of Spring items if you need them. I didn't do the CC either. 

I hope you manage to get those trees sorted. It's scary isn't it? 

Take care and stay safe