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Level 106   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-9 by Wendulka; 980 views.

From: Wendulka


Hi everyone,

I've noticed a lot of my friends are level 106 and no one is higher than that (except that one friend we have who is level 121) so i've assumed 106 levels is as far as the game goes for now. But i've reached level 106 last night and now it says 8400 stars until the next level.  Does anyone know what is currently the highest level?

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


106 is as high a the current content goes. You can not collect any more stars to get to the next level till new content is released.


From: LvlSlgr


Hello Wendulka,

AEGram keeps us all updated with how far the game goes in the "MC Game Guide" thread. To find it easily first click on the "COMPLETE INDEX - Tips, Tricks and Guides" thread which is in the Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice folder. When that thread opens, click on the link "Complete Midnight Castle Game Guide" (circled in blue below).

This will take you to the "MC Game Guide" thread. At that point go to the last page of the thread and scroll down until you get to the end of the thread.

I've included a link here -

This is what you'll currently find for the highest level 106 -

Genie - Visit Jewels Table & Look in Gnome Safe
Genie - Check out Old Turnstile & Example of Bravery (3500) 
Genie - I have nothing for you right now. Take your wishes elsewhere.            617/8480 into level

This brings us up to date with all of the character quests. When new game content is released, I will erase this post and continue with the Level 106 character quests .... 

Good luck!


From: difi


Thanks.  I was wondering the same thing.  Seem to be stuck in limbo except for J at 121.  He must be test marketing the new levels..trouble shooting and all....:)

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From: AEGram


difi said:

Seem to be stuck in limbo except for J at 121.  He must be test marketing the new levels..trouble shooting and all....:)

John used to be called "Just John." 

He's merely a computer generated friend exclusively for the purpose of introducing that feature (Friends) of the game. Every once in awhile, his level is increased when the game progresses to allow players to reach the level on which he currently resides. 

I can even remember that somewhere around the 60's, his level wasn't changed and players were actually able to go past his level. I believe that's when he went from 60-something to the current 121.

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From: difi


Thanks all