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Keys, keys and more keys!!   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started May-10 by Mara1022; 530 views.

From: Mara1022


Since the spring event ended I'm finding that all the "characters" in the game are having me running around collecting Destiny Keys .  These keys are then used to open the GHOSTLY CHEST that gives you a ready-made Dragon.  These dragons put out a huge amount of goodies when used, but they sleep for a very long time.  These are the dragons that eat the "premium food".  It's a bit tedious but at the same time I'm finding it very engaging.  I've only used the Rainbow Dragon once, it sleeps for 24 hours!!!  Here are the 2 I have gotten so far.

I'm just curious, is this something new or is it typical to happen between events?  There doesn't seem to be anything else happening in the game in term of quests with the exception of the 24-hour quests.  That raises another question for me.  Is the 24-hour quest that appears on the left border the same as the "daily quest" that people keep referring to here?  

The Game Guide tells of this activity but it was confusing and doesn't seem to give enough detail so I understand it.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who can answer my question herein.


From: AEGram


The 4 Exclusive Pets (Rainbow Dragon, Fire Dragon, Sea Serpent, Woolly-Paw) are introduced into the game when you reach Level 69 and have to unlock the Ghostly Chest. 

The characters start giving players Destiny Keys starting with Anabel's quest for a Skeletal Grasper & Poisonous Breath toward the end of Level 68 and stop giving the Destiny Keys sometime in Level 71.

The GAME will send you to the Ghostly Chest during Level 69 when Prof. Pinfeathers sends you to Anabel (6 tasks); Lord Chamberlain (6 tasks) & Open Ghostly Chest.

When you open the Ghostly Chest the first time, you will receive the Portal Activator that unlocks the portal from the Dark Portal page. IF at that time, you had used the "i" to look inside the Ghostly Chest (to see what else was there), you would have seen the Rainbow Dragon, and that's all.

In Level 70, Skull Pete asks you to craft the Keys of Fate and give it to him along with 15,000 coins to open the Cargo Hold... but you just give the crafted Keys of Fate to Skull don't use it in the Ghostly Chest.

In Level 71, Lord Chamberlain sends you back to the Ghostly Chest, from which you receive the Ocean Guide.

Those are the only times the GAME will ask you to go to the Ghostly Chest (other than in some of the modified Daily Quests). But these are the only times for game level advancement.

There is absolutely no mention anywhere in the course of going through the game that the Exclusive Pets have been placed in the Ghostly Chest. Some one way back when it was very first introduced got curious and then shared the info with everyone.

Like I said, the first visit back to the Ghostly Chest will yield only the Rainbow Dragon....that's the only thing inside. However, after you secure that pet, if you look inside, you will see the other 3 Exclusive Pets and 5-bags of Exclusive Pet Food.

It will cost you 3 craftings of the Keys of Fate (at a minimum) to get the remaining pets. .....the reason I say "at a minimum" is because many players have gone back for a pet and received the 5 bags of food instead.

Once you get all 4 pets, there is absolutely no reason for you to return to the Ghostly Chest. The Exclusive Pet Food is unlocked when you get the first pet. It then falls randomly from HOS completion as does the other types of pet food. You can also get it from one of the bonus circles when crafting something else. 

To ensure your game liberally supplies you with this Exclusive Pet Food, just get and keep no less than 20 bags in your inventory. As long as you have that many, the game will continue to give it to you. However, as with all items in the game, if you totally run out of that item, the game can be very, very stingy with providing you with that item.

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From: AEGram


Mara1022 said:

I'm just curious, is this something new or is it typical to happen between events? 

So, no it isn't something isn't something happening between events. 

It's something that happened starting with Level 69 that you didn't know about and have just discovered.


From: AEGram


Mara1022 said:

The Game Guide tells of this activity but it was confusing and doesn't seem to give enough detail so I understand it.

There's a lengthy narrative in with the listing of the Character Quests that explains the Destiny Keys, the Side Quests, the Exclusive Pets. It just seemed more appropriate to place it there because players could better understand what the narrative was describing when it was actually something they could see occurring in their game. 

That narrative is located on Page 11 of the MC Game Guide. Please read messages 158, 159, 160, and 161 for that information.