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Reinstall Game Nightmares   Technical Issues

Started May-20 by pclark200; 433 views.

From: pclark200


I posted the other day about 36 of my games setting off malwarebytes and having to be quarantined. So I uninstalled the games from my computer and now need to reinstall them all. But it's not working. Maybe I need to take them off quarantine on malwarebytes. Any suggestions? I'm submitted a ticket to BF customer service, but when I submitted a ticket about the malware issue they basically said, "hey, must be a false positive." Sure...all old games have suddenly developed a false 


From: Hirento


If you have quarantined them in your Anti-virus program, then that program will not allow you to re-download.

But if you trust BFG enough to want to re-download, then why have you quarantined them?

I suppose it comes down to whether or not you trust BFG enough to download from them.

As for false positives; yes that often happens if there has been an update in virus definitions or something like that. Older games may have features that are mistaken for suspicious behaviour, and your Anti-virus program (or for that matter BFG) can't be bothered to correct it as they don't see the problem as big enough to warrant action.


From: pclark200


I think I'm going to "unquarantine" them in Malwarebytes and see if that works. I don't think it is a false positive issue. I just broke up with a hacker dude, and I think he is messing with me.

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Malwarebytes also does that to some of my old games, including BigFish ones. If it is a favourite game I still want to play I tell Malwarebytes I trust it and it lets it out of quarantine. I haven't had any problems with them again after that.