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can't launch game   Technical Issues

Started May-23 by GunnerGypsy; 398 views.

From: GunnerGypsy


I have been attempting to start Midnight Castle for more than a week.  I get to the blue Big Fish screen and it just hangs there.  I can play other Big Fish games with no glitch, but not MC.  In times past, I would restart my computer, and got the game to launch but restart doesn't help now.  

Wondered if anyone else has had this problem and what fixed it for them.

Want to let my regular friends that I haven't forgotten them.  I hope to be back soon.

Gunner and Gwen


From: Hirento


Hello GunnerGypsy,

yes something like that has happened to me too. There could be a number of reasons why some of your BFG games will start, and others won't.

Do you start all your games from the desktop icon, or do you open the Game Manager and start them from there?

* Try starting from the Game Manager, first off.

* If this doesn't work you could try creating your own icon shortcut - this way you bypass the Game Manager completely when you start the game.

 - (for Win10 PC) right-click the game icon on your desktop. Choose "open file location".

You will be taken to the actual file where the game is stored. you should see a greyed-out file named Midnight Castle with a little image of the MC icon, and file type is Program.

(if you do not see this file, you need to enable hidden files. BFG help pages tells you how to do that here)

Right-click this file, choose "send to desktop" (create shortcut). This will do exactly that, create a shortcut to the game that bypasses the Game Manager.

Now try starting your game from this shortcut instead.

* As a last resort, you could try to uninstall and then re-install the game itself, or just the Game Manager. or both.

again, BFG help pages tells you how, here

I really hope you get it to work again!


From: GunnerGypsy


I usually start my games from the icon on the desk top.  Today, I used the game manager and was able to play the game.  Thanks for taking your time and passing on your ideas!