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Started May-31 by SpazzyBunny; 2431 views.

From: SpazzyBunny


Awww bless you both.  I know I hate to see any animal in pain (or person for that matter) I'd rather have to pain myself. But yes it is heart wrenching when you think you are the reason for that pain.  I often wonder what runs through thier minds.  While we are blamin ourselves they might be doing the same.  Like saying well that wasn't very smart of me, now look my human is blaming themselves (dramatic sigh, lol).

Then on the other hand I should probably be grateful that we can't read their minds.  Our lab is like a little busy body. Likes to lay in front of the window and nerighbor watch. They should be glad animals can't talk because oh the tales or tails, lol, they could tell.  Mine would probably have me commmited. 

I'm positive she knows you love her and would never intentionally hurt her and if she could, she would tell you so.  They try to tell us in so many ways, we just have listen with our eyes to hear it. Just keep loving them, that's all they really want. relaxed

I wish you both well and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. 

Take care,



From: Randytb


Hi Spazzy

Sorry just got around to reading the forum and your last post,

Snookie is right as rain now and back to her puppy self but man is she milking it for all it is worth like when I put her dog food down she smells then backs up ,, sits and looks at me as to say ,,,, hey what's up where is the chicken and rice??? you expect me to eat this???

We saved her but we lost our brother one week ago Friday  so again he was our hero.

I posted in Prayers needed .... I put it in with Libby.s I was to messed up to remember were to put a new discussion.

Hope this finds you well



From: SpazzyBunny


Hi Randy,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Wherever a beautiful soul has been. there is a trail of beautiful memories. You and his family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers. 

No worries about the time it takes to responsd, as you can see I'm not very prompt, lol.  

I know what you mean about the food change. We recently had to switch food too and also got them looks, lol.  The Lab ususally will eat anything, as long as she's getting food she is happy. The Chihuhua is picky, really picky.  He was almost starved to death when we got him, so you'd think he would just be happy to eat.  Nope, lol. He will just stand there and stare at you if you give him something he doesn't want.  Little brat, but love him anyway. 

I am glad to here that she is on the mend though. Our Lab is too thank goodness.  Please don't blame yourself, we are only human and make mistakes.  You would never intentually hurt her and she knows you love her. I'm am sure she has loved the extra love and cuddles you been giving her.

Take care, Randy. Many prayes for healing and comfort.




From: Randytb


Thank you Spazzy for your kind words and for your thoughts and rays

We are still raw and grab the phone every time it rings waiting to hear his voice.

As for the spoiled Princess  she is wringing this for all it"s worth lol

But they are our babies

Snookie sends cuddles to your two babies and Sis and I send snuggles



From: SpazzyBunny


Awww thank you, Randy.

We send all of you snuggles back.  I wish I could take all your pain away. He's there in your heart, just keep remembering the good times. I'm sure he would want it that way. 

Lol I'm sure she is. They do love our attention. The more snuggles the better is how they see it, lol.

Take care and big hugs to you all.