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Lost Game and Won't take Backup   Technical Issues

Started Jun-1 by Sadie (Sadie700); 339 views.
Sadie (Sadie700)

From: Sadie (Sadie700)


I don't know what to do now.  In April I knew my computer was dying so I made my MC backups.  Got new computer and got my games back with the backups.  I had a feeling of imminent disaster, so I made a new backup of my Sadie game.  Yep, the Sadie game was lost.  I tried to get it back with the backups, but it would not come back.  I even tried to get it back from when I originally got my game transferred to my new computer.  No go.  Nothing seems to work.  Uninstalling MC and then reinstalling did not help.  Everything I have tried, has failed to get my Sadie game back.  Does anyone have any new ideas or suggestions?  I will not restart from level 1, I did that when my game was lost over a year ago.  I had gotten to level 70, when I lost it this time.  Help?



From: Tickledtrout


If you have the game number for Sadi's game make a note of it. Start a new game on your computer and make a note of that number.

Contact Big Fish and ask them to transfer your original game number to the number of the game you have just created.

It worked for me when I lost several games.