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Lost All Friends - - From SeptSong   Friends

Started Jun-3 by SeptSong; 1407 views.

From: SeptSong


I don't know how it happened, but I lost all friends.  Some of them I've had since I first started.  If someone can tell me how to retrieve them, please let me know how.  If not, please help me out by sending me an invitation.  I play as SeptSong and my Player ID is 847685.  Thanks in advance for all help.

Sorry but unless you keep a list of your friends the only way to get them back is by doing what you just did and posting in this forum and hope that your friends see it.  

Well, that is strange.  I'm missing a friend and went to go and invite you but you were already in my invited box.  All you have to do is accept.  Welcome back!



From: SeptSong


You have been so helpful to me and I appreciate your quick response.  As it turns out, when I signed on this afternoon, all but a couple of my 46 friends were back on my list.  I'm grateful for the ones I have and was relieved when I saw most were restored.  I have no idea how it all happened.  I signed out a couple of times yesterday (both the game and my computer system) and nothing changed.  I have a feeling maybe the 24-hour daily program reset may have triggered something.  Anyway, I ended up only losing a few.  Maybe they were friends with the red inactive tag on them.  Again, I appreciate your help and quick response.  Thanks and be safe out there!


From: SeptSong


Thank you for responding to me post.  You may have seen my replay to player Tammy.  When I signed on this afternoon, most of my friends were back.  You were one of the ones that didn't come back.  I knew you were missing because you were one of the 3 that I had for a long time when I first started and we exchanged gifts a good deal.  When I saw your post, I went to check and your name was in the "Declined" section (one of the 3 on the  far left).  I went ahead and clicked on "Accept" and then your name was on the friend list.  I haven't signed back in, but I'm hopeful you'll still be on my list.  If you fall out, I'll reach out again.  Thanks for your help and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for keeping me on your list.  Take care and be safe out there!

You're welcome, happy to help!! Glad to hear most of your friends have returned.


From: Goanam


Make new friends and try to find the lost one in them...time even though is relative.. heals everything...we should it a try.


From: datsalotta


You're in my friends page !! And thanks for the gifts ((-_-))



From: BreezyB1560


I just sent you an invite, if you still need more friends.