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level 99   Technical Issues

Started Jun-18 by archieball; 866 views.

From: archieball


I have been stuck since March 9 2021   I have reported it to several people at Big Fish and they have yet repaired it.  I am sent to create items that will you need to create it with do not show not unlock cannot ask for them to be gifted it just keeps saying this item has not been unlocked.  I have been  playing Midnight castle since 2014.  I am not the only either the same thing has happened to my sister.  Why cant they get it fixed.  It happened the day before Spring download started and has been stuck ever since. 

Is it the Melancholy Medallion that you can't craft?


From: AEGram


It's rather difficult for us to reply to your message since you don't say specifically where you're stuck. Please list the level on which you're having the problem. Also, please tell us what character is asking for what that you cannot complete and we might be able to offer assistance.

In reply toRe: msg 3

The reason I asked Moostracker about the Melancholy Medallion is because another player had an issue with crafting at Level 99 an couldn't proceed in the game. They were able to continue after Big Fish sent them the Melancholy Medallion but the issue wasn't fixed. Moostracker hasn't posted recently to say whether the issue has been fixed.

You can find the discussion here......

Got another game accidentally and cannot proceed in game (

Have you heard of other players being stuck at level 99??


From: AEGram


I have not heard of others having problems with crafting the Melancholy Medallion.

However, it requires the Star Opel, which is added to Warrior Fountain in the update that brought us Level 98

The first task for that update was at the end of Level 97 where the Ruler of Islands sends you to the Old Fireplace and the Portal Guard

Players are requested to craft the Melancholy Medallion near the very end of Level 98.

The last Pinfeathers quest that starts in Level 98 is to visit the High Mage of Frost for 15 tasks and the Genie for 13 tasks.

The next to the last task for the High Mage is the last task of Level 98; in that set of tasks, players are required to craft Melancholy Medallion.

I'm guessing it is during the High Mage's tasks that the Star Opel is actually added to the Warrior Fountain.

IF players start with the Genie's tasks, or shift to working on the Genie's tasks before completing all of the tasks for the High Mage, it can mess up the insertion of the Star Opel into the Warrior Fountain.

That's why it is so very important and critical for players to work through ALL of the first character's tasks within a Pinfeathers quest (including any other characters that first character sends you to) BEFORE starting on the second character's tasks.

It was never a problem to mix and match, so to speak to maximize your playing time until players reached the levels in the late 60's. I think it was sometime after that part in the game that the developers started putting items in previous HOSs and ZZs in their updates.