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complete developer silence   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-20 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 785 views.

Well, all of you that get upset at the least hint of something not quite right with MC notwithstanding, the fact is that the game is in a complete stall ---- with no end in sight.

No updates, 3 "events" that were repetitious tedium of events of the past, nothing new, and now Elephant Games is seemingly bringing their HOPA games to a close ---- the future does not look promising for MC. 

All we have seen in the game is an announcement of a "sale" ---- and even that was a repeat of the previous 6 "sales".

Maybe they are just going to slow walk us to the next "event" ---- only about 4 more months. LOL

If they are just going to "lather, rinse, repeat", I wish they would bring the game to a decent ending, then give us the ability to restart it and play again.

Sadly I think what you are saying is true.  Would hate to see MC end, but it certainly has been a good long run with lots of friends along the way. cry  Fingers crossed we get something new soon, 


From: pclark200


Game is being wonky, also. You know how the daily quest items take precedence over blue key quest items that are outstanding? Twice in the last two days the HO pulled a key item instead of a daily quest item.