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New Samsung tablet   Technical Issues

Started Jun-23 by Judetza; 222 views.

From: Judetza


Hi to everybody. I need help from the community!

My old tablet (vert old!) is dying and I want to transfer my MC progress in the new device. I looked into the various posts but the istructions given seems not to be suitable; the main suggestion being to copy the old files in the new device.

Indeed, despite I launched a new game on the new tablet, I was not able to find the same files to ve overwritten.

I asked support to Elephant Games, but the reply was that they can do the transfer, but I will loose achievements, pets, etc.

Please, any suggestion is welcome!!!!!!

Forza Judetza

Hi Judetza, welcome to the forum. I found this discussion, I hope it helps:

How to transfer a game to a new iPad (

Also, I'm surprised Elephant Games told you you would lose all those things during a transfer of your game. I say this because usually the only thing they can't transfer is your friends, if they move your game from one device to a new one.