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Desperate for Android friends!   Friends

Started Jul-5 by Werecatqueen; 1091 views.

From: Wendulka


I was going to add you but i'm already your friend (Evelina) but maybe go through the list of android players?

From: misstracy22



Sorry I’m not able to invite you to my game. We are on different platforms. Only I was reading you post and thought I would let you know most friends realise that some friends aren’t able to gift all items. So I would suggest you don’t use your hard earned pennies to buy a gift. They will understand. I try to keep a low stamp or airship item on my list. For those who don’t have so many things. But I don’t expect gifts back from my friends especially those who are at lower levels. They can gift if they wish those, which is a nice way to say thanks. The most important thing about MC is having fun and enjoying the game. So please don’t worry. 

Hugs, Tracy rabbit - consortium


From: CorinneM


907261, I do not need anything at this time. I DO gift, but expect nothing in return.



From: Moonki


I play on android. My I’d is a1400546. I don’t keep track of who sends me gifts. I just sen gifts to anyone who has a list and is green. I get through my list about every other day. try to have some cheaper items on my list. 

Send me an invite Moonki


From: missihMC


I'm one of your friends but when I gift you (it takes time to get thru my list), please do not worry about gifting back!  I don't usually put up airship items unless I'm desperate because those can be precious for players to give too. 

So don't worry about reciprocating, just have fun in the castle