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Sending air ships   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jul-6 by anglegirl70; 577 views.

From: anglegirl70


Can I send a partial air ship and if I can how do I do that.  Trina is asking for only 35 steering wheels and I hate to have to fill all 3 crates.  Thank you for your help.    I'm not sure what folder to put this into so maybe someone can move it for me.   Thank you again


From: Energyworker


You have to fill all 3 crates. relaxed


From: anglegirl70


Thank you Energyworker for letting me know that.


From: AEGram


anglegirl70 said:

Can I send a partial air ship and if I can how do I do that. 

Some additional information regarding the airship. When you send it off, it returns 4 hours later. It stays at the docking station for 16 hours when it returns. You cannot shorten that automatic timer for sending it off, BUT you can use diamonds to bring it back sooner.

The airship leaves the docking station under different conditions:

1. You can not pack ANY of the crates and press the send button to send it off empty. The game will ask you if you really want to do this. If you click OK, it will leave but you get no stamp or pet food for the sending of the ship. 

Why would you want to do this: Maybe the ship is asking for more items than you want to pack (it may be an airship that will yield 417 wheels. This will require the packing of 139 total items in the three crates.).................It may be asking for an item you have in short supply in inventory. You can send it off empty hoping the next ship will request three of the items you have more of.

2. You can pack ALL THREE CRATES, and either send the airship off or let it leave when the timer runs out. IF you press the send button, you will get the stamp and pet food as a bonus. If you let it go off on its own, you will receive no pet food or stamp AND you don't get credit for sending the ship. 

Why would you want to not send off a packed airship? You might be working on a CC task that says to "PACK x number of airships." You can fulfill the packing task when the crates are actually filled. But, you may want to try to work with Trina to get a quest that also requires airship sending, or you may be also working on a Daily Quest that will require the airship to be sent in one of the later parts. ....When you get Trina's quest for airships or the DQ, you can then send off the already packed ship. You will get credit for sending the ship and get the free stamp and pet food. 

3. You can pack one of the crates, but then you will be required to wait until the timer runs down and the airship leaves on its own. You cannot send a partially packed airship.

Why would you want to do this: Maybe a CC is asking you to pack a certain number of crates. In this case you may be able to pack 2 of those listed in the current airship, but not want to spare the inventory on the 3rd crate. Of course, if you have to wait an additional 12 hours for it to go off on its own, you may get a bit behind on the CC.

Some other facts:

1. You CANNOT undo the checking of a crate. So, you cannot pack one crate, change your mind, uncheck the box and send the airship off empty. If you pack one crate you MUST either pack the other crates to be able to send it or leave that one there for the ship to go off on its own.

You cannot "unpack" a crate because you receive the coins for the packing when the crate check box is selected.

2. You get 3 "wheels" for every item you pack in a crate. So, if an airship will give you 300 wheels, you will be packing a total of 100 items in the total of the three crates.

3. You get 15 coins for every item you pack. Yes, you really do. Everybody does. Almost everyone misses it. ...............When you check the box to pack that crate, you will see the equivalent number of coins float from the box up to your coin bank in the top right corner of the screen. If you pack a crate with 45 items, you will receive 675 coins for that crate. That means if you send off an airship for 300 wheels, you will have received 1500 coins in total for packing those 3 crates (100 items x 15 = 1500 coins).

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