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Friends of jd a841148 ~~~ My Kindle Died   Technical Issues

Started Jul-9 by kthreads; 227 views.

From: kthreads


Hi all,

I've been having issues with my Kindle HD10 for a while. Player name: jd~July 6  ID: a841148 
I purchased the newest Kindle HD8 as it has more Ram and memory than my HD10 had.  But, I've been holding off contacting support due to all the problems with lack of response, lost game inventory, etc. players have been having. Been there, done that...wasn't in a hury to repeat the experience. 

As of yesterday, the HD10 won't even start up. I tried all the tips, etc., including purchasing a new power cord. No luck. So I had to bite-the-bullet and contact support.  I probably should have gone directly to Elephant Games...we'll see... I live in hope (or disillusionment). I will keep replying to that first canned message they send out with a friendly/polite "Still need your help in transferring my game. Thank you." and see what happens.

So...those friends of jd~July 6 a841148 ...  I can't open the device to remove my wishlist. Please do not gift anymore to that game.

I will send out invites to my new game as soon as it's transferred.  Since the new game is only on Level 1, I will come into the forum with my new ID number when all has been transferred. 


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