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The Panic Room - games 1 and 2   Fun and Games

Started Jul-12 by Honeyphan; 418 views.

From: Honeyphan


Want to put another free to play game out there for anyone who might be interested... it's been around awhile, but I only just learned about it recently -

It's called The Panic Room - and is a mystery with some suspense, involving someone known as the puppeteer who has kidnapped people (including you) and trapped all of us in his old mansion. To earn your freedom, you must follow his challenges and the other character challenges and play the HOS (they are all timed, but there is a way around that for those it might be a problem for, especially as level progresses). It has a diverse round of HOS types - word, shadow, night, cache, pairs, mirror, strict order, invisible ink, and the list goes on...) There is also a room you need to earn keys for to collect the holiday stuff for the events... (right now it's decorated for July 4th and you have to collect colonial infantrymen for part of the event.)

Throughout the game, you find pages of different diaries - themselves a mystery - with an intriguing story that slowly unravels - and leaves you with questions and answers and hints...I love a good mystery, and this game seems to tell it well so far... basically, the biggest questions - just who is the puppeteer, why is he doing this, and why are you there? And more...

There are so many events - I have played for two weeks now, and there have been FOUR different events - you earn prizes through a personal progress bar and through the "common" one, which is the overall progress of everyone playing. (I think it's probably like the tournaments Midnight Castle had, where you worked collectively as a group...) I take that back - there have been FIVE events - the rubber duck as a trap one that you had to hit (and lose 5 life) to gain enough of them to get a prize. lol

So far, since I started playing end of June - there has been a Spring Solstice event, a Wonders of the World event, an Independence Day event, and now an owl hunt event - (there are also birds, rats, and mongooses to catch with items you win from the HOS to get prizes and more items needed.) Every day the dev gives you puppets with prizes and sometimes gifts in your private room that you decorate with items earned - those items help in freedom points, life points, and finding puzzle pieces (for the puzzle enthusiast, this game has many... There are also safes to find (and steal) using lockpiks you collect through HOSes. But even in stealing friends' safes, it helps the other player as well as you, and there is also light/dark karma to collect by clicking on items in their rooms.) Once you hit a certain level of game, you will choose sides based on what you know of story so far - The Underground, or The Followers - and will do tasks for the group you chose, which also give you rewards in certain areas.

One drawback: Some of the objects in the HOS can be tiny and there are traps in place the puppeteer put there that you want to avoid - but setting the game to windowed mode triggers the magnifying glass to use (it doesn't work in full screen) - or you can do what I do - I have a magnifier that magnifies my whole computer screen. I love it - it sure has been helpful in so many ways!

Also, the game is clearly from Russia, and the English translation isn't always done so well - most of the time it's not a problem for understanding story, and even when they mess up, it's still understandable. 

There is a LOT to this game. I am still learning things - but it is so much fun!

It is a free to play daily game with occasional story game updates - and continual events (the Independence Day one isn't over yet, and the Owl one is going on at same time), but if you have a lot of patience - and a lot of friends - you can progress through this without paying a cent. I am on level 27 now. :) They do have ads, of course, as all free-to-play games do - with sales if you wish to buy as an aid to progress faster. The first day, there was a lot of ads - but then it dwindled to almost nothing as I played, usually just only coming on when I log into game, and I don't find them annoying.

Oh- and there is a computer on the table of your private room that allows you to find friends and receive invites from others. You gift your friends, using their wish lists - many of the gifts you give them are free to give and don't come from your inventory though you can give paid ones as well, using the in-game gold coins you earn. You click on their room items for karma, which you build to help you, and you can steal a safe, if you need/want to. lol

Panic Room 2 is a sequel (which I am playing simultaneously) - but is a much more simplified version of Panic Room 1 - also having events on a regular basis from what I can tell. (Right now it's a summer one, collecting ice for pitchers since the puppeteer's latest dangerous prank is cutting off the water supply of the mansion. lol)

So, for those looking for diversity in their HOSes and who like to do puzzles - and love a good mystery - and love events on a continual basis - be sure and check it out on Steam. :)

If you need a friend, add me - I am MysteryAngel145  there.

One thing, it is very involved, - and I recommend reading the guides and my thread "Questions and more questions" in the discussion area of the first game - there is a link in it that takes you to a more comprehensive guide that can help a lot.

Or, if you have any questions, ask here (or there), and I'll help you as I can from what I've learned. :) Or someone there, at the Steam discussion area for game will. They have been so helpful to me, with all the learning curves... and there are many to learn.

Oh- and did I mention there are also ghosts involved...?  ;-)  So I guess you could classify it as more of a supernatural mystery...

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Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


Thank you Honeyphan,

I started playing and tried to add you as a player but couldn’t. If I stay with the game I will contact you,



From: Honeyphan


Hi Sun  - go to Steam - click my profile - and click "add friend".

I will show up as your friend in any game you and I both play on Steam, where friends are needed. :)