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Exclusive Pets- did I make an undoable error?   Achievements and Musings

Started Jul-19 by CorinneM; 838 views.

From: CorinneM


I completely missed the ghost chest and destiny keys requirement for exclusive pets! I am now at level 94. Will I get another opportunity? I am so disappointed! 

I did manage to get enough destiny keys 20 levels ago to get the rainbow dragon after figuring out what they were for (yesterday!) Am I completely out of luck?

As long as you can collect Destiny Keys (either by playing for them or putting them on your wish list) you can craft the Keys of Fate to open the Ghostly Chest to get the remaining pets. Also, since you have the Rainbow Dragon you will start receiving the Exclusive Food (like the other pet food) while doing the HOSs.


From: CorinneM


Thank you Tammy. At my level, will there be more destiny keys to play for? I read somewhere that they stopped being offered at level 70-something. I was hoping that that wasn't true?

You're welcome, happy to help!!

There's info about the Ghostly Chest here, starting with Msg 158

MC Game Guide (


From: AEGram


CorinneM said:

I completely missed the ghost chest and destiny keys requirement for exclusive pets! I am now at level 94. Will I get another opportunity? I am so disappointed! 

As suggested by DoubleMsMom....please go to the index post by Jenifer, and look at the MC Game Guide. 

Every time players reached max level in the game, the Side Quests were activated EXCEPT for when we reached Level 102 and waited for the content that took us to the current max level of Level 106. 

Because the game presents in different manners, the Guide can't completely specify when the Side Quests start and end. 

That said, each point in the game where we waited for new content is marked in the levels above 71, where we open the Ghostly Chest for Lord Chamberlain (which is the last time the GAME will ask you to go to the Ghostly Chest). 

Sometimes you will see the blue exclamation marks above some of the character's heads (Hansel and Gretel are usually included in those characters) before the old content has ended. However, in most cases, as soon as you click on the first quest of the new content, the side quests go away.

So, if you want to play side quests as you're leveling up.....go to the Guide to see when was the next update compared to where you currently are. As you approach that task listed in the Guide, check Hansel and Gretel or the Innkeeper, or Skull Pete to see if they have the blue exclamation mark after you accept each quest.

Once you see that blue exclamation mark, complete that character quest, BUT don't go to the next one to accept it. (Having character quests activated when pursuing side quests or having Side Quests activated when pursuing character quests has been known to confuse the game.) 

Instead, start playing the Side Quests. And continue to play them until you get all the Destiny Keys you need/want. But, be sure to NOT accept any more side quests (have none open on the left of your screen) when you go back to the character quests.