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HO pulling wrong item   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Jul-22 by pclark200; 699 views.

From: pclark200


Several times over the past few weeks I will be doing a daily quest, and the HO pulls the blue key item instead of the priority quest item. Has this been happening to you all? It happened twice to me today.


From: AEGram


Once upon a time, only the character quests guaranteed you got an item from a location, whether it be HOS, ZZ, or for a to-craft item.

However, when the Side Quests were introduced, they also yielded the required item.

I believe it was also around that time that the "find" button in the Daily Quests was also activated to actually yield the item missing that was needed for the Daily Quest.

So.......decisions, decisions.....what does the "game" give you when you go to a place? Does it give you the character's item because that's more important to leveling up? ......Does it give you the DQ item so you can complete a DQ within the 24-hour day? ......OR Does it give you the Side Quest item so you can get the Destiny Key?

From what I've observed, the quest that's activated first is the "winner."

I once activated a Daily Quest that was asking for me to go to the Carnivorous Lily 3x. I had no "Live Potion" to open that ZZ, so I went back to playing the character quests. 

One of the characters sent me to Stone Chaps. I needed the Symbol of Love to open that ZZ, so I was sent to the Summer Garden to get it. ......I got a Live Potion. .....I paid 5 diamonds to immediately open the Summer Garden and again got a Live Potion.

It was then that I concluded that because I'd activated the Gnome Quest before the character quest, it was the "winner" and I'd get an additional 4 Live Potion before entering the Summer Garden would yield the Symbol of Love. I played with the puzzle child to get the Symbol of Love so I could continue with the character quests.

Soooo, I'm guessing for those instances where you want an item for a Gnome Quest and are getting items for Side Quests because you activated the Side Quests first.

My lesson learned: When leveling up, don't activate the Gnome Quests unless it's one that's sending you to HOSs only! 

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From: pclark200


Thank you, AEGram! During this "dog day's of summer" time of the game I've been chugging away at both daily quests and blue key quests, and you are right, I had the blue key activated first. It was a shock to me because I assumed that the game always gave weight to the daily quest over blue key item. I thought I had run into a glitch! Thanks for your clarification!