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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started Aug-7 by SedonaSueB; 50107 views.

From: danijelica


Hi Honey

thank you so much for such detail explanation, esp. part about gifting, that one I was not sure about at all.

I leveled up a bit, and now I have Halloween event:) Now I have something to enjoy by the time they fix MC.



From: Honeyphan


Hi katiek - I play directly from the GS5 site, and yes I'm on PC. (since I don't have Windows 10, I can't download, but if you have Windows 10, you might want to go that route to give better performance. I had been dealing with issues of the game freezing and having to leave and get back into it (and with hidden city, I get "runtime errors"), but have contacted them with the problem (you can do that in your social area at the top where it says give feedback) - and so far, I have noticed the game running more smoothly since then. Yay! lol I have been playing hidden city more than Sherlock this past week, since the HC event goes off days earlier and I'm trying to get that event avatar of the grand prize, (but I do check into Sherlock every day for the goodies and to gift, loading up my energy so I can play as much as I want to when I do come back to play Sherlock in a few days. lol)

Of course you can invite me as a friend! :) I know we're friends in MC and have been for some time...

Here is the site I play from. I just hit "play" :


You can click in the topmost corner to see their other games, including hidden city.

I'm MysteryAngel145 at all games there. :)


From: Honeyphan


Hi Danijelica - I'm so glad that worked for you and I was able to help! :)

I am enjoying playing Dracula's castle - I love their way of storytelling in the game and the intelligent/interesting dialogue they put forth... though at times it can be silly. lol But I like a chuckle now and then too...


From: Susanna502MC


I haven't tried Sherlock, but from your description I think I might like it.

Edit to add: I have started Sherlock. Player name Susanna1336. I sent a few invites.

Game name Ginny

I am also on G5 games PC.  Would love to have you as a friend.

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From: Vixyish


I’m finding both HC and Sherlock a bit frustrating, mostly because I’m used to MC, where if the game tells you to find a thing in a scene, you WILL get the thing. Not used to having a chance I might not get it, and having to use buffs/resources to increase my chances (and then sometimes still not getting the thing!)

I miss MC!

I actually find HC and Sherlock more relaxing than MC.  I think the reason is I don't expect anything from those other games.  There is no pressure.  I do a lot of documenting in MC so it really is a lot of work every time an update comes out.  But with HC and Sherlock, I just play.  I rarely finish an Event and I don't even try to.  And I just play until my energy runs out.  Sometimes I play the HO scenes and sometimes the Match 3.  But it relaxes me because I just play with no expectation of winning anything.

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ---- the G5 games stopped all of a sudden while I was playing and I can not play any more in the games I was working on. Both games ---- Sherlock and The Hidden Treasures ---- will start AT THE BEGINNING. So all the time played seems lost, as well as real money spent.

Before this happened I started having trouble with my magnifiers working, and the other tools.


So, careful on spending real money ---- I will try to get mine back, but they are very slow in responding, and I'll bet this won't be easy.

(Honeyphan ---- see previous message)


From: Honeyphan


Wow - that is awful! I'm sorry that happened to you...

My GS5 games stop every day - they freeze - and I use that as the time to quit for awhile before going back into them. lol - maybe it's because I play directly off their site and don't download? But I haven't lost my game progress - it's just a bit annoying because I always have to click out, click back in, wait for it to reload (when I don't want to stop playing right then).... Sherlock is the worst with this problem. And for the past 3 weeks, my magnifiers and other tools stopped working toward end of puzzle or game I was playing - only in the event area, and not all the time...

Hidden City freezes too, after a bit of playing, but with a run time error.

When you say yours stopped - did it freeze? Were you not able to log back on? And did you download the games or play directly off their site?