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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 114465 views.

Feel free to send an invite to Trixie Belle.  The more the merrier.

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I can't believe I have gotten as far as I have and still remain hazy about gifting in Sherlock.

My question ---- sometimes when collecting the gifts from my generous friends, it will ask if I want to "give back" ---- what does that mean exactly?? Why is it a sometimes thing?

I think the gift back happens when you gift something from your collection, not the free gift.  Just like in Hidden City.  Not 100% sure, but I think that's how it works.  I just sent about 4 items to you from my collection inventory.  Let's see what happens when you accept them.

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I'm a little annoyed with Sherlock at the moment.  I finished all the tasks for the Christmas Event except the very last one, Christmas in the Tower.  To complete that collection, I need 10 Mrs. Hudson's Pudding assemblers.  I only have 3 and it's only available in the Christmas HOS.  The chances of me playing enough to actually win 7 more are remote, so I probably won't get it even though I've completed all the tasks.  I don't like that aspect of these games.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Just keep playing the holiday seen and check the pudding count often. When I needed the pudding it was giving them to me every other play. So seven more should only take 14 to 20 plays and we still have a week left

Yes, that appears right ---- all you gifts had the gift back feature. (thank you for the gifts!) ---- so now the question becomes, what am I gifting back??


From: Honeyphan


Good question! I'd like to know the answer to that too.

And also, when someone gives a gift - like a wrapped present - it never shows what it is, it just goes into the inventory as is - lol- and I'd kinda like to know what I'm getting!

On the pudding debacle - I wish that Sherlock had a store to buy things with the tokens we win - like HC does. I have gotten a lot of rare assemblers that way to complete an event.

Like Robert said - we still have a week - actually more than -  and those rare assemblers usually come once every third try for me, though maybe it will be more often with the Christmas event...

I got into Hidden Treasures tonight, and am impressed with the fixes they made - it glides like butter now, though sometimes in game it gives little hiccups - so far there's been no problem about progress loss - and I LOVE how they changed the map so that we can see the horizon now and we're not all boxed in like before. Nice! :)

Not crazy that they added a night mode - but my screen is light enough that so far it hasn't presented a problem. :)  I wish they'd give us an option to play a HOS for the event game - I like the Match 3, but it gets too hard as it levels up.... And I would like that lady pirate avatar...Oh, well....

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If you are talking about the gift boxes in Hidden City which are available during the events, they just go into the cache where you open them after getting the required number of items to open them.  That is why a lot of players have "No Boxes Please" on their avatars.  If you don't get enough items to open them, then they don't do much for you.  I do try not to gift them but I do occasionally.  

Re the pudding assemblers in Sherlock, are you able to use crystals, rubies, or whatever that game calls them, to buy them.  I know you can do that in Secret Society.   Mind you, I never have enough crystals to buy much in those games.  I don't usually do well enough in events to complete all the quests.  Thanks to all the singing angels that I got when they revamped a couple of HOS in Hidden City I did get one of the avatars in the latest event.


From: Honeyphan


That's what those wrapped boxes are in the gifting area - event boxes?? Of course! It  makes sense now. lol - I just thought it was a mystery gift - unknown to the recipient or the sender. lol

I had sent some when I first started playing - but after my last event when I needed to write down Lens of Darkness after my name (and one reason I dispensed with the 145 that came after it) - I realized that the assemblers needed for the last event collection to do - in the artifacts section - looks as if it is always something that can be gifted (and is free to do so).

So I have started looking ahead of time, when event starts - at the very last collection to gather, to see what is needed in assemblers, and if my friends don't have anything on their wish list, I send them one of those. :) And if they don't reach that point, the assemblers are still good to have...

Right now it is the golden bracelet, the golden dove, the Egyptian amulet and the golden dust that is needed to put together the last Christmas collection...

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Okay, just went in and checked.  Here's what I received in the 5 return gift boxes; quartz, sailor's knife, lamp, poison dart and red brush.  I don't mind getting the gift boxes because there's always something in there I need.  And to me, a gift is a gift.