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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 140025 views.

Yes, I trudged through the "Around the World Again" and now in the "Journey to the West" which is literally "All About Ancient Asian Beliefs/Customs" which ---- for me ---- is incredibly boring. Don't care at all about Asian history or culture. And I looked ahead and see we will have t6o do Aladdin again as well as the Snow Queen, then something called "Writers and Beasts" then finally get back to Camelot. That is a LOT of boring stuff before anything interesting comes around again, so I may just play off the 1800 London Matches I have and then re-evaluate. 

I just don't have the patience to do the HOS like you do ---- too much time when other games are calling! LOL. And the M3s are just too difficult ---- they have started putting all 5 colors in EVERY board and it seems they think everyone is a M3 expert ---- which I am not. So them ramping up the difficulty is just pushing me away. Too many other beautiful M3s out there that don't presume you want tp spend a ton of money to play. They should really take a hint from Midnight Castle which makes purcahses available, but they never bang you over the head about buying.

BTW, did you see the remaster of Awakening: The Dreamless Castle is available? I ask because there is a free to play game related called "Awakening Kingdoms" which is beautiful and well done. And they will not ask for money since they took the game down a couple years ago at BF ---- but a link to it still exists! Let me know if you might want to take a look at that ---- if you ever find your way out of that Panic Room! LOL: smiley


From: Honeyphan


It sounds like you have surpassed me! lol - I am still in Around the World again, but at least thankfully nearing the end of that stint.

I won't mind playing the Asian HOS, though I'm not into a demon story, but at least it will be a change in the Match3, and I'm a beginner there, so it should go pretty fast. :) Whenever I am in a set of books I don't really care for, I always try to enable one of the talismans for getting the item faster - 

I look forward to more Snow Queen, Camelot - and I'm guessing that "Writers and Beasts" - might be a revisit into Beauty and the Beast - so I don't mind that...

lol on the Panic Room! - been playing that game for over a year now, so the events have come full circle and I have played all of them now and have over half the puzzles done. :) - Still, I do enjoy that game - the story- and especially the main characters of John and Jenny and their relationship/story. Am still playing a little on that one every day, but not as much as I was - with 15 ftp games to juggle, not counting my paid for games I have installed and go to now and then - and to find out that the games of 3 devs I follow (I have most of their games) - are doing the ftp thing - (which I plan to indulge in with their newer games) I only do a little in each every day, though if I don't play a game, I still go in to get the daily rewards and stock up (it really helps to do that!).

Except for the events I really like - and try to play those til the end  (like most of those in HC) or to the end of story (like Sherlock and Seeker's Notes), I just dabble. (I loved the main story of the event in HC this time, with the werewolf - such a cool twist and an emotional moment at the end that brought me to tears...)

I do have Awakening Kingdoms on my computer! :) I love that game... will have to revisit it again soon... I wish they still had it going so we could have friends and are able to do the other Internet things to get rid of those tasks cluttering up the side of my screen, to better see those I can actually do. lol

I did see the remastered version of Dreamless Castle on Bigfish - haven't played it. After going through the comments, not sure I want to buy a remake when I have the original (all of that series) - but I might play the demo to see... - I wish they would come out with another Awakening game and not just remaster the old ones though... I know sometimes series get old, but I really enjoyed BoomZap's series of Awakening!

Maybe they should have a part II - but only if they keep the original charm and don't fall into the trap of cookie cutter mode so many of the newer games have done lately....

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I am also looking at remastered games with a dim view. Sometimes ok ( like this Awakening game, which now offers widescreen presentation, strategy guide, and new bonus chapter) but sometimes not ok (like the Friendly Fox games which has started a trip through the whole Living Legends series ---- the games weren't that good to begin with!)

I'm playing my "London Matches" for this event and going through the progression of prizes ---- up to #25 or so, but I am astonished at the cheap and useless awards being given in the gift basket ---- I just cashed in 47 gifts and got only 1(one!) tool to use. So they have not only ramped up the game difficulty but are also getting cheap with their awards ---- pretty crappy move on their part so I am going to use up the matches I have left then quit ---- it's just getting to be a bore with no prizes and same old scenes just getting too hard to enjoy ---- to the point that they just make me nervous and tense, and there is nothing relaxing or fun about that. (Have you seen the M3 scenes where you have to cover the screen with grass?)


From: Honeyphan


Here's a tip that may or may not help you-

I usually only go for one event collection item a day (unless I really don't want to quit and am enjoying game or story)...

Once I get that collection item, I dabble around throughout the day - getting enough matches usually to play 3 or 4 event HOSes the next day - and often get the collection item in that round.

This method of play helps me not to burn out fast - and also gives me more varied HOS to play since I'm doing that with all games.

I go for one collection item a day - at least that (more if I am not tired of playing that particular game).

Since Sherlock has 21 days left - and I have 7 more collection items needed for event collections - that gives me 7 days to get it, then - with all days remaining to get the rare assembler for the artifact collection. I'll keep playing, til event runs out, but only a little here and there once I have that final collection - since there is no totem available this time. (I think there is only room on the table for one more, but then again, I guess they could always put another table out for them...)

Doing this, I play a minimum amount of time - so I don't burn out - but eventually always reach my goal.

I do this with most of my games, except Hidden City- on that one I do one event collection item a day, but also the daily challenges - since the rewards given are pretty good and always go toward the event challenge.

But I understand how you feel about Sherlock - that's how I feel about Hidden Treasures. The story is usually meh - and the prizes the gifts give are not usually worth it - 1 out of 50 you get a really good one. And the event prizes you need to really work to get that first box - but I enjoy playing the Match 3s with that one too, so I usually do it only during an event, and usually only one a day. I have more or less quit it, though I still go in every day to get my daily rewards. : )

Oh- and on the grass M3 - yeah, I have played that one several times. It's a backward way of doing it per usual - but kinda cool. And when I was at one turn left, I found out the magnifier nor the bomb works to get tiles needed to fill with grass! The hand swap so far is the only one that works if needed - and if I get stuck, I usually have to do the fan first to get a better layout.

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From: Honeyphan


For those in my group at Hidden City - I outlined what I was going to do to get new event, in the chat - and this is what happened when I went to how I usually play it every day, after I installed and downloaded the event from Bluestacks:

I got this:

So, just wanted to let you know that until they fix the problem, I am apparently locked out.

Sorry I won't be able to help tomorrow for the red chest event (I was on long enough on the download for Bluestacks to see that it will start tomorrow)...

I just can't do much with the Bluestacks way, since I can't do pause and play there (it is very stressful without doing that, something I don't need extra of in my life right now), and screenshots take a while.

So I guess I'll just wait til they fix the problem and put the event update on their site....

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From: Honeyphan


Libby, et. al - this is what I am seeing when I am playing the current HC event on Bluestacks:

the snake-

the factory (current event)

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From: Honeyphan


Here's a better picture of the mysterious snake that suddenly appeared:

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From: Honeyphan


And this is what I mean by Snowy- I have him now (and when you click on the fish it's like fighting monsters, but instead you catch 3 animals) - I think it's in place of the 3 daily chests, because I got that, tried to click on it to "find" them - and nothing happens. They also don't show up on my map anymore... (I said it's a white cat - it's more orange and white)


From: katiek2


Wow - all of the above is really strange.  If you can, and if your PC meets the requirements for it, installing Windows 10 would be a good thing.  Also, I was able to download HC to my desktop from the start page that says "DOWNLOAD TO WINDOWS" and the game is working so smoothly now it's amazing.  Now I wonder what help it gives G5e by playing directly from their site.  

I don't see the snake, and nothing happens when I click on the cat.  I wonder what others in the group are experiencing...


From: Honeyphan


Thanks, Katiek - I am actually considering getting another computer with Windows 11 on it, since that would probably be the latest offered...though it would be a pain and a half to transfer all my existing apps (especially my video editor!) -  My computer is at least 5 years old, much more than that (maybe 10?), and I'd hate to buy Windows 10 for it and have it go kaput. I'm waiting to get some advice from my son about which direction I should go, since he built it for me....

Also, I went to Hidden City facebook page and found this in response to a question about the update not showing up for those who play directly on their site:

Hidden City-

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the update on G5 browser version, because there is a bug in it, and our team is working hard to fix it asap. We hope to release it in the browser version on Monday.
Meanwhile, we suggest you to download the game for Windows directly from our website. The update is available in this version.