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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 141820 views.
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From: Honeyphan


For those in my group at Hidden City - I outlined what I was going to do to get new event, in the chat - and this is what happened when I went to how I usually play it every day, after I installed and downloaded the event from Bluestacks:

I got this:

So, just wanted to let you know that until they fix the problem, I am apparently locked out.

Sorry I won't be able to help tomorrow for the red chest event (I was on long enough on the download for Bluestacks to see that it will start tomorrow)...

I just can't do much with the Bluestacks way, since I can't do pause and play there (it is very stressful without doing that, something I don't need extra of in my life right now), and screenshots take a while.

So I guess I'll just wait til they fix the problem and put the event update on their site....

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From: Honeyphan


Libby, et. al - this is what I am seeing when I am playing the current HC event on Bluestacks:

the snake-

the factory (current event)

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From: Honeyphan


Here's a better picture of the mysterious snake that suddenly appeared:

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From: Honeyphan


And this is what I mean by Snowy- I have him now (and when you click on the fish it's like fighting monsters, but instead you catch 3 animals) - I think it's in place of the 3 daily chests, because I got that, tried to click on it to "find" them - and nothing happens. They also don't show up on my map anymore... (I said it's a white cat - it's more orange and white)


From: katiek2


Wow - all of the above is really strange.  If you can, and if your PC meets the requirements for it, installing Windows 10 would be a good thing.  Also, I was able to download HC to my desktop from the start page that says "DOWNLOAD TO WINDOWS" and the game is working so smoothly now it's amazing.  Now I wonder what help it gives G5e by playing directly from their site.  

I don't see the snake, and nothing happens when I click on the cat.  I wonder what others in the group are experiencing...


From: Honeyphan


Thanks, Katiek - I am actually considering getting another computer with Windows 11 on it, since that would probably be the latest offered...though it would be a pain and a half to transfer all my existing apps (especially my video editor!) -  My computer is at least 5 years old, much more than that (maybe 10?), and I'd hate to buy Windows 10 for it and have it go kaput. I'm waiting to get some advice from my son about which direction I should go, since he built it for me....

Also, I went to Hidden City facebook page and found this in response to a question about the update not showing up for those who play directly on their site:

Hidden City-

Unfortunately, we had to postpone the update on G5 browser version, because there is a bug in it, and our team is working hard to fix it asap. We hope to release it in the browser version on Monday.
Meanwhile, we suggest you to download the game for Windows directly from our website. The update is available in this version.

When I click on the download for Windows option, it pops up and tells me I must have W10 to do that ---- the problem with that is that I already have W10 ---- it is all this new computer has ever had! So I will NOT follow their link to d/l W10

BTW, in Sherlock, I have opened 77 consecutive gift boxes and not gotten one single "tool" (dynamite, watch, flare gun, compass, magnifying glass, etc.) in all those boxes. Cheap, cheap and stingy as they tighten up the game to force sales.

Honey, I'm so glad you found an acknowledgement of the problem.  I know how frustrating that can be.  I think I might take a little bit of a break on this event.  I swore I was just playing this and Sherlock just to relax, but it takes a lot of playing to get through.  You guys amaze me talking about Sherlock.  I'm a little ashamed to admit I barely read the details.  I just want to play, but I think I'll start paying closer attention.


From: Honeyphan


Wow, Jenny- that's awful!  I admit I haven't paid close attention - usually I only watch for the flames to get the keys into event. lol  The writer's chests have the tools in them, so be sure and grab those keys - and some of the prizes for the gold badges - the event prizes - sometimes have them. Maybe they felt they had to hone down since they have the writer's chests and the gold badge event prizes with tools now?

But I have noticed that my tool counts remain steady, using them the same amount I always did before - so I must be getting them from somewhere! lol Probably the writer's chests - and the souvenirs cough them up too - and if you're hurting for tools - be sure and check out your collections to see if you have any ready to go that offer tools in them. :)

Libby- I know what you mean! I'm not all that gung-ho on the scene or the music, usually mute that area when playing it - and will probably only play this event to get the totem... (We'll see when that time comes and how I feel then. lol)

  • Edited July 24, 2022 3:32 pm  by  Honeyphan

New monthly event has begun ---- even less interesting than last month ---- something about a little girl that thinks Lucy is a ghost  (Yawn)

And they have ratcheted up the difficulty again ---- takes more to get rewards, fewer tools, increasing M3 difficulty to the point of absurdity. 

The fun is really going fast in this one, sorry to say. I'm thinking I might play out the energy I have, then quit, or at least a very long break. That have just made it more frustrating rather than fun.