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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 159202 views.

From: Merry1043


I play on a PC


From: Aleutcia


I just started playing Hidden City and I was looking for some friends. I have been playing Midnight Castle almost since it came out. I came across this thread the other day when I was trying to find out why the Halloween update was extended. I read how you needed to load  Bluestacks to play the android games and gave it a go. I am only on level 18 on Hidden City, but I like it. If anyone is interested in becoming a friend, I play as EquusWizard on both games.

Midnight Castle # is 66964 and I think Hidden City # is 692855204


From: Honeyphan


Hi Aleutcia - I just sent an invite to EquusWizard at Hidden City:

I go by MysteryAngel 145  : )

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From: Honeyphan


With that said - am really enjoying the Christmas event in both Hidden City and Sherlock! And with Sherlock, especially the story! So cute!  : )

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From: Honeyphan


Am posting this for Sherlock players - to find the free rubies (10 free at time when it shows up) -

This is what it looks like  - it is an icon to the right of the screen - with a ruby on it and "FREE" beneath it:

(don't know how to make the images bigger on here without going to my Adobe Photoshop app -

if you can't see it - and you are on PC - hold down "CTRL" key and use your scroll dial on your mouse to zoom in or out - this works with any website page. : )

Click on the icon and you will get this:

 Click "watch" - and watch the ad - you can x out of it when the countdown ends, if it is one of those type - or when the x appears (and was missing before)-

Once you watch the ad - this screen will show up again-

Do NOT click watch again - instead X out - and then go back to the right of the screen and click the icon again to repeat the process.

You can get 10 free rubies at a time using this.

Every time you see the icon appear on right side of screen- you can get your 10 free rubies then.

It happens a few times a day. : ) So be on the lookout!

I know it works with Bluestacks app (what I use) - not sure it works with others...

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I have never seen that on Sherlock.  I play from the Microsoft store so it may not be available on that.  


From: Cyberfox277


Yes, I'm like Trixie Belle, I play the downloaded version and I've never seen that before. But I'm glad you can get them thumbsuprelaxed


From: Cyberfox277


Well, my nick is the same in Hidden City, and Midnight Castle, you can add me if you want relaxed I'm just too busy at the moment to look, and then I'll probably forget relaxed


From: Honeyphan


I am so sorry guys - I wish now I had never said anything.

Apparently it's only a bluestacks thing - I was hoping to share something new I discovered that everyone could gain from...

I really thought it was available to all android users, as well as bluestack players.