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THIS is what it looks like   Achievements and Musings

Started Aug-13 by AEGram; 4376 views.

From: frankie563


congrats AEGram and thanks for all the assist you freely give to this place and this game!

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Congratulations! That is quite an achievement. Not one I will ever get, so I appreciate seeing it in someone elses game.

That is a lot of game-play to get there.

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From: AEGram


Thanks for the "congrats" posts from everyone.

When we received the Spring download, Trina started requesting only 50 shards and omitted asking for postcards. However, she also increased her times she asked for airship wheels. (Gradually the shard request amount has increased to 55 shards.)

I have a list of what was asked in every one of her quests since #99. (I wish I had thought to start with the first one, but I had no idea at that time that the final requirement would be 3000 for Ace Assistant and 5000 for Key Master.)

Starting with #99 through #3302, here's a listing of all I've given her to achieve this one goal:

363,360 wheels (Actually, that's 12,112 quests that had wheels requested. As you all know, there is seldom an airship for exactly 300 wheels, so I've given her far more wheels that this amount to fulfill her 12,112 requests).

206,152 shards

17,555 postcards

58,553 scenes visited

24,710 ZZs visited

And, now I have about 1,997 more of her quests to complete for Key Master........

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From: AEGram


....................Stay tuned for "part 2" of this thread!

But, that won't be for another 2 years or so. LOL


From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

But, that won't be for another 2 years or so. LOL

I'm sure a lot of us will still be around in this forum. It was 3 years last April when Jenifer started it. Unbelievable!

CONGRATULATIONS!!  That is quite a feat to complete grinningbouquet


From: Honeyphan


Very cool! Congrats! :)



From: Azurina


many hours of devotion and patience, congratulations!

there are stats? please, how do i find these for myself? or did you keep a record yourself?

thanks Azurina


From: AEGram


Azurina said:

there are stats? please, how do i find these for myself? or did you keep a record yourself?

I have a list of every quest from Trina starting with #99 in an Excel Spreadsheet. 

The columns are automatically added up to show the number requested, so I didn't have to do that myself....whew.

I do sooooooo wish I'd thought to record those first 98 quests, though.


From: Grimwald


I'm a little late to the party, but Yay, way to go!