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Earn 1000 coins playing dice   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Sep-1 by Katijay (Katijay46); 565 views.

This could be 2 wins against the Dragon...Good Luck Everyone...however you play it...

1 for 3 against the Dragon, will try again in the morning.

Update: Won with my first spin against the Dragon,  done with task!


From: LvlSlgr


Same - 1 for 3 against the dragon. Actually it was deuce, deuce, lose, win, lose. Both deuces had me rolling 10 so I was hopeful but then the dragon got the same. I'll try again tomorrow.

Really disappointed, my lower game was only offering items for Professor Pinfeathers task for Dragon & Troll and lost to Lord Chamberlain twice...One Dragon win on my upper level game...


From: Energyworker


2 out of 3 against the dragon, one deuce. It must know I will be at work tomorrow when it is ready again.

If you won 2 of 3 rolls with the Wise Dragon then you should've finished today's task, or are you still doing the Beat the Wise Dragon 3 Times task from day 21?


From: Azurina


i got stiffed!

tried this morning with a couple of different players and should have recorded 600, but had zero when i looked, i logged out thinking it needed to update, but still zero. :(((

just played dragon and won, so tally is 500 only.....sigh....will have to try again later.

ok, next day and for some reason only known to the gods i only have one turn left when i should have three, i rolled and lost so paid 12 gems to open again and won 500 and that should have ended the challenge, but it didn''t register the win....again! I did the final 2 rolls and of course lost them. Well, that's me done then, i am not going to spend more gems on a glitch. 

This CC has cost me too much to continue with it and I prob won't do annoyed.....sorry, had to vent.

i put a ticket in, but doubt they will refund the gems or give me the win and clear the challenge. :(

  • Edited September 2, 2021 4:38 pm  by  Azurina