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Airship Misery   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 9/13/21 by 1MagentaRose; 2667 views.
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From: 1MagentaRose


AEGram said:

However, there are currently 171 HOSs in the game....If I can do 60 in one hour, it will take me nearly 3 hours to do one full round. I'll let you do the math for how many hours would be required for me to do 3.5 full rounds..........ain't gonna happen; I don't love the game that much, nor do I have that many available hours in one day.

Ain't gonna happen for me either smile  I'm Level 98 so I think I'll just concentrate on the Main Quests and not worry to much about trying to re-do all my lost Achievements.


From: LvlSlgr


1MagentaRose said:

not worry to much about trying to re-do all my lost Achievements.

That's the exactly what I decided to do after the second time my game was wiped out by a "glitch" on the BigFish server. I know I accomplished them once - some twice - and that's good enough for me.

Hang in there.


From: AEGram


LvlSlgr said:

At what level does this appear to happen? I'm about a third of the way through Level 107 and Trina is still wanting 200 shards and I'm still getting the requests for postcards. Maybe I need to level all the way up for these things to happen. But that's not going to happen any time soon. I'm just playing a little at a time. In my opinion, there's no reason to rush this.

When the Spring download was pushed and installed on my game, Trina started to ask for 50 shards instead of 200 and no longer requested postcards at all.

Gradually, the shard amount has increased to 55, but still there are no postcards added to her quests. 

Additionally, I receive 16 coins and 1 Golden Key when completing her quests. 

I have no idea how much longer it will remain this way on my game. It was nice in the beginning to only have to give her 50 shards and to get a reprieve on postcards, but what is requested is certainly not balanced....shards and wheels are asked for the most, then ZZs.....50 scenes is the least frequent of her requests. 

Apparently, this is the Devs way of "helping players" to achieve the ridiculous amount of 3000 keys for Ace Assistant and 5000 for Key Master.

They'd help us a whole bunch more by putting a limit on the rising number of wheels the airship will give each time players level up. Trina asks for 300; one of the DQs ask for 350. That DQ amount should be lowered to 300 and the airship should yield no more than 300 to 321 wheels...OR they should provide a way for us to store/keep the excess wheels.

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From: LvlSlgr


Thanks, AEGram. Apparently this didn't happen in my game as Trina still wants 200 shards and the postcards. The shards are a real problem because about 18 months ago my game was sent back to Level 1 as if I as starting over again. BF restored some of the things I was missing but not hardly any shards. Due to Trina's lust for shards, I haven't been able to accumulate enough to buy even the first thing in any of the private rooms that require shards. I try to let her sit and wait but then if I'm going to have to send an airship in a DQ I try to line it up with Trina's request for an airship. And I go to those private rooms as often as possible chasing those butterflies hoping to get a shard. The crazy thing is that i had completed the Magic Miser Achievement twice before that happened. You ask twice? Yes, in March of 2019 I had the "hijack" glitch and had to do a lot of things over again. Fortunately that time the BF rep gave me the number of shards I asked for. 

Sometimes I wonder why I'm still playing this game. LOL


From: AEGram


Have you contacted Big Fish or Elephant Games for game restoration?

If I were to lose my game, I would contact Elephant's my understanding that they have the capability of restoring your game exactly as it was when it got messed up. Apparently, the technicians at Big Fish are not able to do that. (And, Elephant Games' restoration includes your friends!)


From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

Have you contacted Big Fish or Elephant Games for game restoration?

Oh yes ... both. The first time with the "hijack" (2019) BF restored a lot of what I had records of. However, they didn't restore the avatars I had received from the CCs and I had ALL of them. That was the most upsetting thing to me. I contacted EG and they didn't do anything other than commend me on being such a faithful player. I responded to that email a few days later asking again if they could help but I didn't get any response.

After that problem, I started backing up my game weekly.

The second time when my game went back to Level 1 as a new game (2020), I tried to restore from the backup but it didn't work. I contacted Dhyani since she seems to be our "expert" on this. We spent at least 2 hours on the phone and nothing we did worked.

So I contacted BF again. They restored my level (highest at that time), coins, diamonds, energy balls, etc. But they didn't restore any of my crafted items (amounting to about 6 million if cashed in) or eggs (amounting to about 4 million). None of the regular inventory, shards, etc. Honestly, I was seriously thinking about just quitting the game, but they restored ALL of the avatars from the CCs. That is the only I've continued with the game. No, I didn't contact EG this time since they didn't do anything to help me the first time.

I can tell you this much - I'm probably jinxing myself - if I have another problem like either of these I will l definitely quit the game.


From: Gardendiva3


I'm still trying to figure out why I would want shards.  Can't find anything that describes specifically what benefit shards are to the player.

Also why send ships for a measly bag of pet food?  I must be missing something here!  I would rather sell my air ship items for coins as I am still a newbie.

Lastly - what benefit are steering wheels?

Thanks for all of your answers.



From: Hirento


Gardendiva3 said:

I'm still trying to figure out why I would want shards. Can't find anything that describes specifically what benefit shards are to the player. Also why send ships for a measly bag of pet food? I must be missing something here! I would rather sell my air ship items for coins as I am still a newbie. Lastly - what benefit are steering wheels? Thanks for all of your answers. Reb

Shards- I suppose one might call them another kind of currency. You pay for items in the game with them, just as you do with coin and Diamonds. It's just that the items are not "useful" as such, the furniture in the Private Rooms can be bought for shards, but the furniture itself has no practical use.

Also, many Achievements can be obtained by some form of using shards. The Furniture finder (or whatever it is called), and the ultimate one - where you need to find/get 50000 shards. And then there is the Trina quests, if you like doing them (terribly boring IMO so I don't usually do them). Some of her quests call for shards, others she wants Steering wheels.

Airship - some get airship items and sell directly for coin.

Some use the airship items to send the airship for coin -  pack the crates; get coin.  When you click "Send the airship" you also get steering wheels and  some stamps or pet food in addition.

Steering wheels is used by Trina - who knows why she wants them...

And the Airship is just one more "thing to do" in the game. One more type of challenge or quest.


From: Susanna502MC


Also, the Daily Quests (Gnome) sometimes require you to send airship. There are Achievements related to the Daily Quests, Trina, and the airship. Trina gives you the keys needed to open the private rooms and furniture. The Daily Quests change at new day, but Trina's quests don't change until you meet all the requirements which may include airships/wheels or shards. So if you don't do shards or airships, you can't open the private rooms. That means you can't do the seasonal event HOS.