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Is there a new update for Fall??   Technical Issues

Started Oct-7 by Marmot57; 2186 views.

From: Marmot57


I got a message on my Kindle saying  Midnight Castle has a new update but cannot download it. Not sure there really is an update.

Is there a new Fall Update?

Yes there is an update, it is for content only and not the Fall Event. I also includes a CC. 

However there is major issues with this update. Elephant Games is aware of these problems and are working on a fix. You'll find the discussions here:

updates ( starting with msg 24

New Update on 10/4 (

I'm one of the players having an issue so I haven't opened my game in 3 days while waiting for the fix.


From: Marmot57



Thank you so much. I'm glad it's not just me. I have issued with game updates often and usually miss the first few days or even weeks of a CC. Frustrating but good to know it's not just me.

Thanks again. Good Luck with your game update and CC if you get to participate.


You're welcome, happy to help!!

Crossing my fingers, however from what I've been reading I'm not missing much with regards to the new CC.


From: Azurina


agree, think i will forfeit the current update and CC and wait for a while before i download it.


From: Merry1043


This is from Elephant Games

Before opening the game, please, delete two files from the AppData folder.

Here is an instruction on how to open the AppData folder:

1. Press Win+R on  your computer

2. In the popped up window enter "%appdata%" without quotes

This will lead you directly to the Roaming folder. You need to find Elephant Games/Midnight Castle folder in which you need to delete Content folder and Save file.

maria.mescheriakova ????? 2021-10-19 11:51:

> Hello Mary!

> We've restored your progress. Please, be careful playing the game

> before the next update.


From: SharpEye1


Can you tell us if you got EVERYTHIG back in your game?  And, what's the purpose of deleting those 2 files, please?  Thanks!

Ada heart_eyes


From: LadyAstra



      That's the type of information I've been wanting about the technicalities of the game.  Without confirmation from EG, all of the below information is just a guess, of course.  I'll start with the simple answer and go into more detail below.

     Basically, what the EG rep is asking Merry to do is delete her saved game content from the update so they can give her a new content folder with the information for her reconstructed game.  Likewise, she needs to delete her save file so they can give her a new one.  If she doesn't, the old information will clash with the new reconstructed information and she'll just have more problems.

       Have you ever opened the Content subfolder in the Elephant Games folder?  If you do, you will see a list of files in the .PCK format.  Those are what as known as package files.  They're a type of compressed file, kind of like a ZIP file.  They're used by some game engines (and other types of software) to contain a lot of information pertaining to a specific component, such as graphics, shaders, audio, animations, etc.

         If you look at the names of the .pck files in the Content folder, you'll see things like ho_belfry.pck, mtg_compass.pck, pz_autumn_2.pck, etc.  Let's take an example; ho_belfry.pck contains the graphical, audio, and other information for the Belfry HOS.  You can go from there guessing as to what does what; files that start with pz are likely the puzzles, mtg are the quest objects from Professor Pinfeather and so on. 

         There also files for the avatars, the pets, the player rooms and each set of inventory items.  I don't think they contain our individual inventories and access to earned avatars/pets/furniture.  I think those are just the generic graphics and animation files for each item.  I could be wrong, though.

         This folder is changed every update.  All the items in my folder are dated 10/4/2021.

       The save.db file, on the other hand, gets changed every time you enter and leave your game.  It does just what the label says; it saves your data.  Database files (.db) are used by everything from games to social media to cloud-based applications to save data in a database format for easy machine reading.  This save.db file saves your data when you leave so that the game servers can find it next time.  My file, which as far as I know saved normally the last time I played since I didn't have problems, is dated 10/8/2021.  So, technically our game is saved on our computers, but not really.  We can't open that one, and it will get overwritten by the servers when we next open our game.

       That file is where the rubber meets the road for game reconstruction.  It's possible that the EG reps have to go into each player's file and manually enter the number for each inventory item, and one-by-one allow access to each earned/bought avatar, pet and piece of furniture.  I bet the achievements live there, too.  Having worked with large datasets many times, I'm hyperventilating just thinking about it.

       It goes without saying that none of us should delete or muck about with these files ourselves without the go-ahead from EG.  Who knows what that would do!?


  • Edited October 20, 2021 12:10 am  by  LadyAstra

From: AEGram


My content folder is 1.16 GB on has 748 files and 0 folders.

The save file is a .db file ... I've searched on the Internet to see how to open one of these files. Basically, they say you can open it with Access, but when I try to open it with my version of Access, it will not open. 

If someone's content folder is less than that, perhaps that can be part of the cause for the problem.

Hopefully, Merry1043 will answer your post to tell you if she got everything back by deleting these two things from the Elephant Games\Midnight Castle folder.


From: Azurina



"please be careful playing the game" ?? what does that mean? it's not like we go messing about in it to deliberately make it go 'poof' hahaha (rolling eyes) it just happens because of bodgy programming and systems on their end!