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Friends of NorryUK and NuttyNana   Friends

Started 10/11/21 by NorryUK NuttyNana (Norry6); 1799 views.

Thank you. Hopefully, gifts will be there waiting for me when I get back.  I will do the update and pray for success. BF have been in touch to say they have reinstated SantaFairy so I will need to check it out ASAP. In some ways it has been good to be away from the game.

Take care


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Just to let you know that NorryUK and SantaFairy have been restored. I have taken wish lists down on all 3 games of my games and they will be closed until the Fall update. I'm not brave enough to play any of them at the moment, not even NuttyNana which appeared to stay safe during the update. I hope everyone else is successful in getting their games back.



From: NewbieOne


Has anyone who has received the message displayed by oiuoiu321's screenshot had any help/luck getting their game restored? I exchanged emails with EG, (Maria M). She had me uninstall/reinstall the BFG Game Manager, which I did, but nothing changed. (Still got the same screen as depicted above.)

When I informed Maria/EG, I was told that the game's problem was with BFGs game manager, and she couldn't help me because any updates would have to be done on my computer. I forwarded that email to BFG, who has also been notified of this problem. I haven't heard back from them since I sent them my game name, ID, amount of coins, etc.

I replied to EG that I couldn't understand how the game could be working fine one day, then not at all the next day. That many players were having this same difficulty. It just doesn't make sense that the BFG game manager should impact several players, but not all, or that it should suddenly develop issues!

At this point, I don't know if I will ever get back to the game or not. I am tempted to uninstall/reinstall the game itself, but am worried that it would start me all over again at Level 1 - I'm at Level 107, or was before this happened!! I just know I will not play this game again if I have to start all over. It would just be too frustrating.  Plus, my trust in EG and BFG is damaged since no one appears to know what is going on with the multitude of problems this game is manifesting for many, many players, much less how to fix it/them. Why should I - or anyone - invest all that time in a game just to have it disappear all over again??!!

Thank you for letting me rant. 

So, back to my original question, has anybody with the out-of -date-version notification had their game restored?