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Safe to play or not   Welcome!

Started 10/17/21 by Tennco (carlyMC); 32538 views.
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So the question seems to remain unanswered. I really do not want to play a game that is not the bone I have (or better), so are we waiting on a go ahead from EG? from BFG? Or, are we supposed to find our own way?

There should be a direct answer from some source ---- is it safe to play again?

As Judge Judy loves to say ---- "The answer would be YES or NO"

Honestly, I have zero answers.  I haven't been in my game in probably a week.  And the last time I was in there it wasn't acting right.  I've lost it once and my game was returned, somewhat.  There's a lot of 'redo' I have to play and I just don't want to risk it.  Personally, I don't feel the issue of a game reverting back to Level 1 has been addressed.  It's all well and good the devs will fix the avatar frame issue with the next update, but how about the total instability of the game itself?  If it's a server issue, then I guess it's beyond EG's control.  But we should be given some good, reliable info.  Not sure how I feel about 'play at your own risk' attitude.


From: TinyFaerie


I apparently have unique glitch which My CS rep at elephant games hasn't see before.

Prof. Pinfeathers say activate the amulet yet the amulet isn't glowing now will it do anything. So I can't advance. 

They are looking into it.

Other than that my game has no other problems. I just can't advance at the moment.


From: Diannef130


I hope that posting this doesn't jinx me.  I play games on three kindle and one laptop.  All of my games are at 111 and they are all working fine.  I am not sure why I have been so lucky.  I am so sad for everyone who have had problems.  I am nervous every time I play but it still works.  Hang in there everyone.


From: PapaDon71


I lost my game again for the 3rd time, Elephant games said to wait until the update comes in November. They did restore most of my stuff I lost, hopefully they can do it again. I've played level 108 to 110 3 times only to lose everything. Very frustrating. To any friends who read this I'm not gone just waiting for the update.

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I would LOVE to see the "Do Not Play" banner return...just until a few brave souls report here that the "fall" (Halloween!) Update (expected the 1st week of November 2021) actually works okay.


From: Mara1022


I agree with you Lvlslgr.  I had another disaster happen after my last post.  My laptop died so I can't even access my game now to finish giving BG and EG the rest of my details for restoration.  At least as of today, I don't have any real sense of urgency to get back in and play.  But I guess we just wait and see.

In the meantime, I've started a new game on my tablet (Mara~tablet~   ID a1414858), I know, real creative.  I could use some friends, btw.  hehehe

Oh, and I'm reading a lot more than before too.  lol

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YES ---- please replace the banner!!

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From: CorinneM


I was also advised to "be careful" playing the game, whatever that means. I do play for about an hour each day, but am nervous about losing my progress again. It took support about 10 days to restore my game- I'm sure they are overwhelmed with an extremely large number of restorations.