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EG restoring my game Here is a link   Technical Issues

Started Oct-19 by datsalotta; 483 views.

From: datsalotta


To all players who have lost their game:

I lost my game at level 111. Emailed EG support and received a prompt reply saying they could not restore automatically but if I sent a list of ALL ITEMS, they could restore every item.

I had lost my game in 2017. I have played MC since 2014. I sent BFG an item list and they restored my game. So I went to the MS Excel file and copied it to Office 365. That done I used that list and added all the items since 2017. I forget exactly which level I was on then,but it was just before the room The East had existed in my game.

I recently sent the updated Excel list to Elephant Games

I am posting a link to this Excel file in hopes other MC players can use it, and revise it, to restore their own game. Having a list from 2017 saved me so much time and a good basis to start from.!5135&ithint=file%2cxlsx&wdOrigin=OFFICECOM-HWA.MAIN.MRU

If not working try to open    midnight castle items list.xlsx  in Office365

I would also like to copy here an EG email to me


maria.mescheriakova <>
Mon 2021-10-18 1:34 AM
Hello Frances! Thank you so much for such structured list. I can access
it, everything's ok!
We'll start working on your game later this week.

Have a great day!
Here's hoping other MC players will find this helpful and get their games restored
Having done all the above and receiving prompt email replies from EG, I remain HOPEFUL
  • Edited October 19, 2021 8:28 pm  by  datsalotta

From: SharpEye1


Can you please post the elephant email address you used?  I sent a second ticket to elephant, and again, it came back as undeliverable!  I sent both of my emails to:  

What am I doing wrong?  Is there supposed to be spaces between the dash or something?  The Elephant reply you posted shows the email address exactly as I typed it, except a person's name has replaced the word support.  **Sigh**




From: datsalotta


I just emailed to - outlook automatically entered the dash between elephant and games. The test email was sent with no problem.

go figure - did you fill in the subject? And enter a message?

try again??


  • Edited October 19, 2021 5:47 pm  by  datsalotta

From: SharpEye1


Interesting!  I was putting the dash in myself.  So, now I'll try doing it the way you did!  Fingers crossed!  Thank you heart_eyes