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FRIENDS of DOT - PC games DotJ; Ree; DJ1; Kelli Jo    Friends

Started 10/29/21 by Dot (aussieDot1); 4962 views.
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From: Motom70


Dat, Crystal, Cath & All:

Wow!  Went from 12 to 29 friends in less than a day!  Here’s how I did it:  I took my ID number and went backwards one number at a time.  Got a lot more responses than from the forum, but I took anyone on my level and above (otherwise, I suppose I would have had more friends thanI could handle!). So far, I haven’t found any PM’s, but I’ve also changed my email address, so had to start a new account.  Could this be the reason?  If so, I’ll have to go to the FAQ section to find out how to fix that.  I was able to send a new conversation entry, but don’t know if it was received.  Moving up as fast as I can, being careful not to lose all inventory, but sometimes it can’t be helped.  Still have a lot of airship I’m ready to share.  Not many pets yet, but I’ll soon be requesting eggs when I get enough inventory for crafting.

Thank you for gifts.  You’ve been nothing short of wonderful these past few days.  Love you all and let’s keep in touch.  Yours, MoTom

Hi Motom 70smile

Glad you were able to add more friends.dogcatdromedary_camel Most of us waiting for game to be fixed. I only come in once a day to gift.

Hopefully  Christmas santa event will have everyone’s game up to speed blush



From: Motom70


Thanks, Crystal.  I actually have 46 friends now and growing!  No problems with new game so far. 
Just started playing again a couple weeks ago, so I’m working to catch up to my previous level. (59).  That game most likely was part of the carnage that ensued, but I’ll never know for sure because it happened long after my first iPad fell to its doom.  
I was asked to add someone to the iOS master list.  Not sure how to do it, but I’ll find out if it’s the last thing I do.   Thanks again for keeping me up to speed.  Yours, MoTom


From: misstracy22


Hi Motom,

Here’s  a link to iOS master list. Please leave information and our wonderful Chilpep will add them at the next revision. 

Great to see you are doing so well with your new game. Please do ask if there is anything I can do to help.

Take care, 

Tracy bug


From: Motom70


Thank you.  I sent Shan’s info, so she can be added.  MoTom


From: misstracy22


You’re very welcome. 
hugs, Tracy