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Hard Drive Crash, can I recover game to where I was?   Welcome!

Started Nov-7 by rodnocker12; 1256 views.

From: rodnocker12


Okay, like the Title says.  My hard Drive crashed and had to be replaced with a New one.  Is there anyway I can recover Midnight Castle to where I was before the Crash?


From: mdpetdoc


Unless you made a backup of your game, you'll need to download MC on your new computer. Give Big Fish your new ID and your old ID and they should be able to transfer your old game to your new ID.


From: AnnetteH1


I had a new drive, I gave my new and old ID to MC, and they transfered my game. Only thing I did not get back was my friends.



From: rodnocker12


I'll give it a try. 

Thank Y'all!



From: rodnocker12


Well, I've been in Contact with Elephant Games and they said If I could remember my Old Friend Code, they could restore my Progress.  Or possibly I could ask my "Friends".  The Problem(s) are I never thought of recording my Original Friend Code  and the hard drive crashed so bad, I had to borrow my BIL's laptop to create a Recover USB so that I could gain access to Microsoft and then download Windows 10.  So there's no accessing the old drive to recover anything.  The only "Friend" I had in the game was "John"....other than that, I don't know any information.  And I can't remember how many Coins, Diamonds, shards, etc that I had.  I know I was at Level 78 or so (the EAST) and had alot of Pets and had completed most of the Achievements no1 to mention all of the Lab stuff I had created and the "Ingredients" (I had over 20 pages of these with a fair amount in the 15 items quantity).  I guess I can play the new game to gain access to the lab (to see which pets I had) and see which Achievements I'd completed (All I lacked were the completing the Halloween and Christmas Achievements, I believe).

If they can recover my Progress It'd be Great but I'm SERIOUSLY doubting after the 100's/1,000's of hours I played the game that I will go through it again.

Anyway, Thank Y'all for the Advice, we'll see what they can do.


From: lilredhood51


you should be able to clone your old hard drive.  there are devices that you can buy that you can put your old drive in. if any of the files on the drive are recoverable. the device and read the drive and clone it to your new drive. my husband has one and does it all the time.

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


If you can tell us exactly how your name was in the game and maybe the avatar you were using, anyone can look you up in their game and find your friend code that was on level 78.

Try this. It is very easy for BFG to transfer a game fully intact (except friends which won't be a problem for you). Much harder to reconstruct a game.


From: rodnocker12


Sadly, I won't be much help there either.  I never entered a name or Avatar, I just used Player and the blank Avatar.


From: AEGram


rodnocker12 said:

I never entered a name or Avatar, I just used Player and the blank Avatar.

Without the files from the AppData\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle folder, there's no way to determine your player ID.

It is within those files that information is sent to the BF servers telling it which game to deliver to you for playing.

The level (78) helps, but because you were still "Player" and using the blank avatar, it will be impossible for anyone to enter the game and search for your specific game.

While I doubt there are many players on Level 78 who're specifically using both "Player" and "blank Avatar," I'm sure there are at least more than just one. 

In addition, it is impossible to search the Friends section for "Player" at all .... it freezes up the game....I just tried and cringed in fear that even attempting the search would cause my game to be lost.

Bottom line.....your only recourse is to download the game to your new computer and start playing again from Level 1.

Then, IMMEDIATELY, write down the game ID by clicking on the avatar in the upper left corner.

Also, IMMEDIATELY, change "Player" to something more relative to you or some name designation you prefer.

When you reach Level 4 the "Gentleman" avatar is unlocked for free....I highly recommend you change your blank avatar to that or to "Lady" which is also free at Level 4.

At Level 6, when John is introduced to you, please either request friends by posting your Game ID, or go to the "PC Friends" thread and send invites to those who've posted their ID and requested friends.

When the events are activated, you can gain a lot of coin by having friends and entering their private rooms. (The Private Room is introduced and made available to you at Level 13).