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My latest info from EG   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-10 by Cambio (Kambio); 2580 views.
Cambio (Kambio)

From: Cambio (Kambio)


Hello All

I sent email to EG and here is latest response:

"Kairat forwarded your message to me, since I am the acting support manager for the Elephant Games.
There is definitely going to be the Fall event in the nearest update. I can't say the same for the Winter Event, but we will do our best to make it happen.
You will be able to play after the update, which we plan to release on this week or next week."

So, I guess we wait..................


From: Honeyphan


Thank you for this!

So, they are going ahead with Halloween, though Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away lol - okay. :) But, come to think of it, that is fall too - and the outdoor HOS does look more like fall than Halloween...

I really do hope they have the winter event though - since that is my favorite of all of them! And in my opinion, the best given...

Guess we'll just have to wait and see....


From: Hirento


Honeyphan said:

So, they are going ahead with Halloween, though Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away lol - okay. :)

I don't understand this.

What does Thanksgiving have to do with the Halloween and Winter Events?

There has never been a Thanksgiving event, has there?


I am so relieved to hear there will be a Halloween Event. I do hope we get the Winter Event too, fingers crossed.



(I googled the term Thanksgiving, is it not a Northern American (USA and Canadian) annual Holiday?

It is not celebrated like that in Europe. We do have feasts of thanksgiving (lower-case T) in some countries, but not as a National Holiday.)


Second Edit:

Oh my, it just dawned on me that's what the items Pilgrim hat, and the Pilgrim Turkey pet, are: part of the Thanksgiving myth. And the pumpkins and other stuff like that with the Halloween and Harvest season ideas. All jumbled into on Game Event.

I agree completely with Cambio; the Fall event is the correct name.

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Cambio (Kambio)

From: Cambio (Kambio)


You are welcome, Honeyphan and I agree with you in that the Winter Event is my favorite too.

I for one got used to the event dates from the past years and get a little ancy when there is a significant change.  

Maybe they are making big changes.....who knows....but I am willing to wait.

See you in the castle.......

Cambio (Kambio)

From: Cambio (Kambio)


Hello Hirento:

this is purely my thoughts:      I think, technically it has always been called the   ' Fall Event '  we as players just associated it with Halloween because of the content

being trick or treaters  and ghost  and the winter event with Christmas, again because of the content being, well,  Christmas trees and gifts.

So, just hoping that we might get something new and exciting might be worth the wait......... 

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Hmmm...when this forum was formed, I was criticized by the hostess for suggesting using the game's terms of Spring, Fall, and Winter events rather than Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Throwing my hands in the air and unfortunately still haven't gotten over it. No wonder there is confusion.


From: Honeyphan


Like others, I had come to think of it as the Halloween event - since 3 of the private rooms are geared that way with witches, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, etc. and the spirits we catch are also Halloween themed, most of them, as are the avatars/achievements. And the decor they use is definitely Halloween, with the kids dressed in costume, the pumpkin airship, etc.

BUT - it is really a fall event, which includes both Halloween and Thanksgiving - they just don't have as much of the latter as the former. So with that said - bring it on! lol

I guess it depends on where you live in the world.  To me it's fun to be playing a Winter Event with snow etc in the middle of our (usually) blazing hot summers, and a Fall event in our Springtime. 

Thanks for updating us with news from Elephant. relaxed


From: dairrr


i also heard back from Elephant games after asking if there would be a fall event, Maria said the fall event will start this week or next week, she also said they are still working on restoring who ever lost their games ,as fully as as possible.

i think someone or several key staffers to midnight castle went on scheduled vacations before they realized the snafu's were as they are, and that the fixes needed are extensive, several key area's of the game went out of whack, the cc reward system and the save system, friend lists disappeared reappeared minus folks.

when the fix is in and the event starts we'll have a clue how abbreviated it might be by whether or not a another CC starts,

no one said anything about not having a winter event in any way shape form or fashion,winter hasn't started it's still fall and winter ends in march. might be they tap into the schedule for events and reschedule this years events.

elephant games staff have family's to spend holidays with lives to live,they'll want us as quite as possible and content with our games.during the holiday season..

woohoo we'll have something to be Thankful for this year the restoration of our beloved castle,

and ahhh not playing in fear of loosing our games has cost us stock piling our gift giving pink box xmas presents..ehhhh  ..darn good thing i have a stash..

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