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Big fish game manager update   Technical Issues

Started Nov-16 by Diannef130; 4053 views.

From: Diannef130


I got a message to upgrade to a newer version.  Is it safe to do this?

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


This is the new basic control program for all bfg files (I think). You cannot now upload the old bfgstub.from your bfgclient folder.  So you have to download the new one first to then proceed to download your game  and any new updates 

Anyone else with comments please?


From: pandorabg


I just updated the game manager. When I tried to start Midnight Castle, the following message came up


From: PattiS16


I was able to update around noon (mountain time) with no problem.  Game opening as usual.  Using my laptop.


From: 1isalone


I updated before the update message popped up and now it pops up every time I open game manager even though I have the most recent version. I have not tried to open MC as they just restored my game and asked me to wait until the game update.


From: LvlSlgr


1isalone said:

and now it pops up every time I open game manager even though I have the most recent version.

That pop-up message you get when you first open the BF Game Manager is just like one of the pop-ups you always get telling you about the latest/newest thing with BF. It's not checking to see if you have the most recent version. So it's  going to keep popping up until they change it.


From: GunnerGypsy


I updated just now on laptop using Chrome.  Accessed Midnight Castle as usual; just collected gifts an gifts, did not try to play; waiting for someone brave on Formum to say Elephant has added the holiday update.  Still waiting.

Gunner and Gypsy


From: 1isalone


When I got the email saying my game had been restored, one of the suggestions was to NOT go into the social tab (friends), give gifts, or accept gifts. I think that may be the trigger area to losing your game. Just thought you might want to know. 

I check manually for the update a couple of times a day in the game manager to see if it has a new update. Fingers crossed will be this week. Next week will be busy with Thanksgiving preparations. 

The Social section (where you gift from) is the glitchiest, most likely MC area to lose your game! 

All I am doing (for the last few weeks) is checking the Game Manager, under Downloads, game updates, Manually, check for updates. 

Not touching the game. (Yes, am jonesing!)


From: RavenofGA


I wouldn't if I were you.  I added a new topic un Technical Issues that tell you what problems downloading gave me,