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Playing daily   Technical Issues

Started Nov-17 by Diannef130; 476 views.

From: Diannef130


I have been playing four games on kinds and one on my laptop without issues, including gifting and receiving from friends.  Are there others who are able to play with no problems?


From: Susanna502MC


This is a message I posted 11/7:

My android games have been on break for ages.

I played my pc games with the glitch update up until 10/20 with no problems, but lost my nerve and put them on break also. (Ginger Sue and Navy Blue)

I started a new pc game (Ginny) and have been playing it since 10/22 with no problems. Up to Level 20 now. Once we get the new update I will continue to play the new game and post about any issues.

Once there is a consensus among the posts on this forum that it is safe I will go back to playing my older PC games.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fall event.


I have continued to play my new game daily with no problems (up to level 21 now). I only have a few friends, but I send and receive gifts every day. I also check my private rooms for butterflies and chests. I did the Game Manager update several days ago and have had no problems. I also did the recent Microsoft update, but have not done the update to Windows 11.

I hope you continue with no problems. The glitch update and Fall event should be coming soon. (I am a pragmatic optimist.)