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backing up midnight castle game?   Welcome!

Started Dec-7 by Maur391000; 1292 views.

From: Maur391000


I was just wondering (as I am not tech savvy at all) if there is anyway to back up your game on a pc 

thank you in advance for any help in this quest...


From: AllanaX7


For computer players, it's better to backup the entire folder Elephant Games. You can find this folder under your personal folder - your name/appData/Roaming or C:/users/yourname/appdata/Roaming.


From: Maur391000


thank you so much for your quick response.....

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Here's detailed Instructions for the method I use to make a Backup of the MC progress.  I have 13 Castles, and have made Backups HUNDREDS of times and Restored my 13 Castles without fail and without having to wait for BFCS and retained ALL my stuff AND ALL MY FRIENDS.  I have Transferred ALL my Castles to different Devices at least 8 times over the past couple of years without fail.

Down the page you will see the instructions for Transferring  your Castle to a new/different device.  I made the type bigger so it stands out.  But please read the whole thing first and PM me if you have any questions.  I'm always happy to help!

First your PC MC progress lives in:

AppData\Roaming\Elephant Games\Midnight Castle

1. Click your Start Button, Open your User (at the top of the Start Menu Popup)

AppData should be right there in the lineup. If you don't see it, type Folder Options in the Start Button Search box, go to Folder Options, in View, scroll through and check Show All Folders and scroll down further and (I think it's a button instead of a box to check) Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives (or words like that).  AppData will now be visible. Repeat Step 1.

2. Open AppData

3. Open Roaming

You will find the Elephant Games Folder.  This is where your MC Progress 'lives.'

4.  COPY the ENTIRE ELEPHANT GAMES folder, Then PASTE it to the Desktop.  I Rename it like:

Elephant Games Dhyani Nov 1

5. Then copy THAT Renamed/Dated Elephant Games folder to a Flash Drive, SD Card, External Hard Drive or Cloud Storage ~ whatever you have handy, for external storage in case your game and/or computer hoses up and you need to transfer your game to a new device.

If you want to make frequent backups, you MUST Rename the first backup you made, (and then subsequent backups) otherwise the new backup will try to overwrite the previous backup and I've had wonky results.  I backup maybe twice/week or more frequently when MC is having known issues requiring Developer tweaks/patches/updates LIKE WE'RE HAVING NOW!!!  

When Restoring your Game yourself, remove the wonky Elephant Games Folder from AppData Roaming.  (I put it in the Trash  but do NOT Delete the Trash until I'm sure the backup process worked.) 

COPY your good backup of the Elephant Games Folder (from the Flash Drive, etc.) and PASTE into AppData\Roaming.

You MUST remember to Rename the good backup copy of the Elephant Games Folder which is now in AppData\Roaming to remove any Renaming you did.  The MC Shell will NOT recognize it if it says anything other than Elephant Games. I edit the Elephant Games Folder AFTER I copy/paste it into AppData\Roaming.  

Launch from Game Manager or the Desktop Shortcut (if you have one) and your Castle should fire right up, with EVERYTHING intact ~ Restored to the MC progress at the moment you made the backup.

This Restoring method also works if you want to Transfer your MC progress to a different/new Device.  After you Copy the Elephant Games folder (from the Flash Drive) and Paste it into AppData\Roaming, Rename Elephant Games folder to remove any additions you made, and THEN Download MC from BFG

Launch from Game Manager and your Castle should fire right up, with EVERYTHING intact ~ Restored to the MC progress at the moment you made the backup.  

Hope that Helps!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: Maur391000


thank you is appreciated...will be getting some help to do this


From: AllanaX7


You're welcome.

But let me add two more thing to this post.

1) Talking about transferring instructions, Dhyani said to copy your entire Elephant Games folder into AppData/Roaming and then download the game. That's correct. 

But if for some reason you do the opposite, you must remember one thing: Right after game installation, there is no folder Elephant Games until you start playing and the opening screen splashes for the first time. That's why it's very important to copy your Elephant Games backup folder to your new hard disk or device before execute the game. If you forget, you will create a new player.

2) Although it's great to have a backup of your game files, this only guarantees if the problem is with your device - a computer crash, a hardware virus, an operating system damaged, a stolen notebook. These files would not save you from what's happening right now, for example - with so many people asking for a game restore. This was because a big issue has affected the Big Fish servers and your game progress is also saved there.

If the files on your computer don't perfectly match the files saved in Big Fish, the game doesn't understand and creates a new player. And be careful, when you finish playing the game, don't forget to exit it. People who play games on the notebook usually lower the lid before closing the game and then Windows goes into hibernating mode (you can do this on pc too). Next day if you decide to open your game at another device, all the progress you had yesterday will be lost - and the backup files won't help you either.

In other words, your backup copy will not always bring your game back.

Keep that in mind.